Day 32 – P90X3 Eccentric Lower

Day 32 of P90X3 Eccentric Lower completed. This was a nice lower body workout. There were squats, lunges and used weights for most of the moves. Just like Eccentric Upper, you do the moves for three counts and then go quick on the next count. Here is a video to give you an idea of the workout:


Day 30 – P90X3 Triometrics

Day 30 of P90X3 done. Oh my, this was a tough one! It really works your legs but I liked it! I got a great sweat and burned a lot of calories. You do each move for a minute and it’s split into three different intensities. It’s a great workout!

Day 29 – P90X3 Eccentric Upper

Day 29 of P90X3 done. This was a good upper body workout! It was a nice pull-ups, push-ups, and weights workout. It was my first time doing it so I wasn’t sure what weights to use but I think I’ll up the weight on some of the moves next time. Also, sorry about the bad camera angle, lol you can’t see me at the top off the pull-ups.

Day 18 – P90X3 The Challenge

First time using the Chin-up Max assist band for this workout and I liked it! It helps a lot! I used to use a chair or stool but using the Chin-up Max is way better! I like getting the full range of motion when doing pull-ups.

But I also need to work on my form on my push-ups but you get the gist.