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Last Week’s Portland Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon Training Workouts Recap and Weekend Update (5/11-5/17)

It was race week and I still somewhat followed the Nike Coach from the Nike Running App. The pic below shows what was scheduled.Here’s what I did:

Monday – Got an early morning 4 miles in.
Tuesday – Just got my #plankaday in, which I’ve been mostly posting on Twitter.

Wednesday – Another early morning run, 5 miles. Thursday – Got 4 miles done while the kiddo was in Preschool.  Friday – Running rest day. #Plankaday done.

Saturday – 2 miles on the treadmill.Now for the weekend update. Nothing too exciting except for going to the Portland Rock’n’Roll Expo on Saturday and then the race on Sunday.

On Saturday, the kiddos and I took the Max train to the Oregon Convention Center, where the Portland Rock’n’Roll Expo was held. It’s nice to take the Max train since the Convention Center is right on the Max train line. It’s nice and easy for me since we live close to the Max and I don’t have to worry about finding parking and whatnot. The kiddos enjoy taking the train too.The Portland Rock’n’Roll Expo was decent sized, not huge but still had many big vendors. Packet/Bib pickup was easy. Here’s a pic of the shirt and my bib:

Here I am by the countdown sign. My 7 year old posing with the runners.  

I thought the mirrors in the Brooks Merchandise area were amusing. They had sayings on them like the one below.
There also was a Brooks photo booth that was fun. You could pick out the signs to hold. IMG_5154
After the Brooks Merchandise area was the rest of the vendors. Here was the entrance to them.Here’s a fun pic we did at the Toyota booth.IMG_5229

The only thing I bought was nuun. I love the fruit punch and watermelon flavors. On Sunday was the race. Here’s my finisher’s medal. Race recap coming soon.        How did your weekend go? Hope you have a great week ahead!

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Last Week’s Half Marathon Training Workouts (3/30-4/5) and Weekend Update

I’m on week 2 of the Nike Running App Coach training plan. I ran 37 miles last week, which is the most for me to run in a week so far. This is a lot more miles than I’m used to but I’m managing. We’ll see how it goes this week since I’ll be starting my new job on Monday. But here’s what the Nike app had me doing last week:Monday – Rest day.

Tuesday- Started with 1 mi warmup. Then did a Fartlek of running 4 miles at a faster pace, then 1 minute slower, repeated for 6 miles. Finished with a 1 mi cool down.  Wednesday – 7 miles at easy, comfortable pace.Thursday – 5 miles at easy, comfortable pace.Friday –  Ran through Noble Woods Park and ran four miles at easy comfortable pace, last mile at faster pace.Saturday –   Ran 2 miles easy, then a 9 mi progression run, then finished with a 1 mile cool down.Sunday – Rest day.

The highlight of the weekend was Easter Sunday. The kiddos found there Easter Baskets and were so happy.Later we went to the park.     While at the park since it was a running rest day, I decided to go for a walk. I’m loving my new watch!I’ve also started doing a #PlankaDay, which I saw on Twitter. Here was Sunday’s plank, which is day 8 of my streak.

How’d your week go? Hope you have a super week!

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Last Week’s Workouts (3/23-3/29) and Weekend Update

Last week was a pretty good week! I started the Nike Coach half marathon training plan. I found out that the Nike Running app syncs with Garmin now and decided to try it out. This plan has me running a lot more miles than I’m used to but we’ll see how it goes. Here’s what was scheduled for last week:Here’s what I did:

Monday – Ran five miles.

Tuesday – Eight birthday miles completed. 🙂Wednesday – Ran my longest run ever on the treadmill, seven miles!

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Ran my virtual 5k for the Rock’n’Roll Las Vegas Kickoff! Can’t wait to get my free shirt! You can join in too if you haven’t already. It’s free! You have until April 1st to run your virtual 5k. Check it out HERE.Saturday – I decided to do Insanity Max:30 – Max Out Strength today to get some strength training in. This one really works arms, shoulders, chest and core. The kiddos joined in for the warmup. 

Sunday – Ran 12 miles.

Now on to the weekend update. On Saturday,  the kiddos and I went to Magnolia Park while the hubby worked. The kiddos had a fun time.       On Sunday, we went to Home Depot for an item we needed and my kiddos saw the signs they sell for businesses, like No Smoking or signs for Restrooms. Haha, my kiddos wanted me to buy them one. There was no way I was buying signs we didn’t need lol, so I was like you can make your own signs. Sure enough when we got home, my four year old made his own. He told me what to write.

We later went to an outside mall, where the kiddos enjoyed smelling the flowers. 🙂There was an REI there and saw this, the Garmin Vivoactive. Good thing I had my dividend and they gave me the 20% off that members save. I can’t wait to test this on my next run!
How’d your week go? Hope you have a wonderful week!

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Last Week’s Workouts and Weekend Update (3/16-3/22)

neon (11)This was recovery week after the NYC Half Marathon. I was a little sore after the race and wanted some time for my legs to recover. The My Asics App also had the whole week as a rest week but I couldn’t rest the whole week. Here’s what my workouts looked like this week as well as my weekend update:

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday – I tried 21 Day Fix Extreme’s Pilates Fix for the first time. You use a resistance band throughout the workout and the handles were missing on mine so it was much tougher. But I had a great ab workout!
  Thursday – First run after the NYC Half. It felt good. Nice and easy.Friday – Ran a mile with this little cutie. He wanted to go for a run and I think he did awesome running his first mile.Saturday – I decided to do Focus T25’s Total Body Circuit workout. It’s been a while since I’ve done this one. I’m happy I can do more of it like some oblique push-ups now. I had a great sweat session!

On Saturday, I also decided to check out Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve. It’s a 635-acre wildlife preserve with 4 miles of walking trails. This was my first time going there and it was a great place to walk and enjoy nature. My kiddos enjoyed it too. I think I’ll do another post on it since I took a bunch of pics.

That night I also drove to Seattle, about 3 hours away.

Sunday – I got in a 6 mile run before heading to my nephew’s birthday party.
  This was waiting for me after my run….good thing I went for a run lol. This was a great idea that my sister in law came up with for lunch. It was a sandwich making spread. Everything was there to make a grilled sandwich or panini. We just picked what we wanted and then grilled it on the stove or in a panini maker. It was great!
We celebrated my nephew’s 7th birthday. I can’t believe he’s seven already. Time is flying and it means my eldest son’s birthday is just next month, since they are about a month apart in age.

It was a great day and nice to see my family again. How’d your week go? Hope you have a great week ahead!

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Weekend Update – New Jersey and New York City (3/13-3/15)

It was a fun filled weekend while visiting my sister in Central New Jersey and running the NYC Half Marathon on Sunday. It kicked off on Friday when my sister and her awesome friends, Minyee and Dana, drove us to New York City. We headed to the NYC Half Expo to pick up our bib packets. After finding free parking by the unbelievable Dana, who can parallel park a Toyota Sienna Van likes it nothing, we walked to Moynihan Station where the Expo was located. We weren’t sure where the entrance was until we spotted a fellow with a sign (haha, pic below).

Below are pics of the entrance and packet pickup area.

The Expo wasn’t as big as I’d though it would be, but they had a good number of vendors. There was a virtual picture area, where they took our pictures behind a blue screen. Then we had the option to have them auto post on Facebook when we crossed the locations of where the pictures were taken. The locations were the start line, passing through Times Square, and finish line. For example when I ran through Times Square it posted this picture. It was a fun thing to do.


Here’s a giant replica of the medal we received at the Finish.

After the Expo, we didn’t have anything planned so we walked around and my sis’s friends mentioned the Macy’s flagship store and how there are still wooden escalators in one area of the store. We thought we’d check it out. Below you can see the wooden sides, but I guess the stair part used to be wooden too, which has been changed.









After that we decided to get lunch and went to a nice Korean place called New Wonjo. It was pretty good.

After lunch, we walked towards the Flatiron building. It’s pretty cool looking.

We also checked out the art in Madison Square Park, Gazing Globes by Paula Hayes.

We decided to get some bubble tea too. I love bubble tea.

After that we headed to the High Line Trail. It’s a neat trail above ground where a train used to go through.

The day ended at Chelsea Market with dinner at Cull & Pistol. This was the first time going to an oyster bar for me. The fried oyster with ham, herb crepe, pickled onion with smoked aioli was so good. I also tried a lobster roll for the first time and it was delicious.

On Saturday we headed back to the New York City and started off with an early lunch. We had dim sum at Jing Fong Restaurant. It was good we got there well before noon since it is known to be a long wait. We headed right in with no wait. The dim sum was yummy.

After lunch, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art also known as the MET. This was my first time there. Loved the Egyptian section! We spent a good part of the day there. It’s a huge place.

Then for dinner we went to a Thai place called Thai @ Lex. The Pad Thai with chicken was pretty good.

Sunday was the big day…RACE day. Recap coming soon. After the race, we took the Subway and PATH back to where our hotel was on the Jersey side. We had lunch at Kraverie, an interesting restaurant mix of Korean and French cuisine. I had the Seoul Cheese Steak and a crepe called Nutella Madness (consisted of bananas, strawberry, and Nutella) for dessert. Both were delicious!After lunch, we decided to check out Liberty State Park. It’s a nice place to get views of New York City and the back side of the Statue of Liberty. Here are some pics:

After that we headed back to my sis’s place. I finally got to try Bobby’s Burger Palace. We ordered take out. It doesn’t look that great but is up there in my top burgers.

After that my sis and I went and saw the movie, McFarland USA. It was pretty good and inspiring. That ended the fun filled and busy weekend.

How’d your weekend go? Here’s to a great week ahead!

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Last Week’s Half Marathon Training Recap (3/2-3/8) and Weekend Update

neon (9)This week started off great! It was nice to not have the Insanity Max:30 workouts since it’s tapering time. I did try some 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts and liked the strength training. But it seems like I’ve just come up a with a cold and my Sunday run was tough. Hopefully, it goes a way soon. Here’s the My Asics schedule last week:

Here’s what I did last week:

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Before my kiddos Preschool Field trip, I tried 21 Day Fix Extreme’s Upper Fix workout. It was a great upper body workout! It’s been a while since I’ve used weights and it was good. Wednesday – I ended up running an easy 4 miles instead of 3. Then I did Dirty 30 Extreme with the hubby. Another great workout with weights.

Thursday – Ran 5.5 miles while the kiddo was in Preschool.Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Three miles on the treadmill.Saturday was also a big day for the kiddos, since they were belt testing and earned their next belts. My youngest got his gold belt.

My oldest got his Warrior Juniors blue advanced belt and a patch for being teacher assistant more than twenty times. I’m proud of them and happy they enjoy martial arts.

Sunday – I ran only 5 miles, for the San Jose 408k Race to the Row Virtual/Remote Run I won from a giveaway from Relentless Forward Commotion. The actual race took place on March 1st, but I did not receive the bib, medal and shirt until Friday, the 6th. This was my first 8k virtual race or 8k race I’ve ever ran. An 8k is 4.97 miles but I decided to run 5 miles. It was a tough one for me. I just got a cold and wasn’t into it but got it done. I was hoping to run the 5.5 miles but didn’t feel well while running so just decided on the five miles. Hopefully my cold goes away soon! One more week until the NYC Half!
How’d your week go? Here’s to a great week ahead!

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