A Look Back At 2018 – Running Year in Review

I can’t believe 2018 has passed. Time is flying and what an amazing year 2018 has been. I ran a good 1612 miles, not as many miles as last year if you look back at 2017, but I accomplished my main goal, to BQ and actually make it in to Boston 2019. Check out the infographic I made. Most of the data is from Smashrun and Strava.2018infographicQuality matters more than quantity I guess since I did PR in three distances. After a disappointing race for me at CIM in December 2017, I was determined to get another BQ with a good buffer time. I had signed up for two marathons early on, the Vernonia Marathon and Tunnel Light Marathon to try and get that BQ. I started training for the Vernonia Marathon with the help of my awesome running coach, Dawn. Her coaching has definitely made me a faster and stronger runner. I’m so grateful she’s been there to coach me the last couple of years. Thanks so much Coach!!

I didn’t run many races in 2018 but my first race of the year was the Oregon Winter 5k where I PR’d and actually managed to get first overall female. Gotta love small, local races and I won a pineapple 🙂 !In March, I ran the Shamrock Run Portland Half Marathon where I met up with some awesome ladies from my local Moms Run This Town group.

Photo Credit: C. Cleary

It was a hilly race and I was happy to get a good time of 1:45:56. I’ll probably run this one again this year.Then the Vernonia Marathon came and what an awesome race I had! You can read my recap HERE. I got my BQ with 5+min buffer. I was so happy. Here’s my favorite pic from the race:img_3480

After getting that BQ, I still had the Tunnel Light Marathon in September. I wasn’t sure how I would train for this one but decided to go for another PR/BQ since I did some research that it might count for 2020. I thought it would be cool to have the option to go.

Training went well for me for both cycles. I got in some runs with some awesome peeps.


My next race was in August, the Wings and Wheels Half Marathon. It was a super small race and I got first in age group and fourth overall female. But most importantly, I got my half marathon PR.IMG_6102Then came the Tunnel Light Marathon in September. This was a fun one since my sister and some friends were all running the race.IMG_0511We all did awesome and you can read my recap HERE. I BQ’d and got my marathon PR of 3:37:13.img_6653I’m so thankful for such a fantastic year of running. Hard work does pay off and I’m so happy I’ll be going to Boston this year. It’s nice to see that I’ve been improving and I hope it still continues. Also, big thanks to my awesome family who has supported my running habit! Cheers to an awesome 2019!


I’m linking up with Holly of HoHo Runs and Wendy of Taking the Long Way Home  for the Weekly Wrap.weekly wrap.jpg

10 thoughts on “A Look Back At 2018 – Running Year in Review

  1. It’s been so much fun to follow you over the years and watch you grow into such a great runner! Your coach must be so proud! Heck, you should be proud! Congrats!


  2. what an amazing year! i know that training/ BQ feeling vicariously through my husband… we had plan A, B and C and he finally made it a week before the cut off! Unfortunately he BQ’d for THIS year which I’m sure you know what the most horrendous weather ever. Anyway, doesn’t matter, I know how hard he worked and how happy he was to reach his goals and I”m sure that’s EXACTLY how you feel too!


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