A Look Back at 2019

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on the blog. I know I’ve been neglecting it. I keep thinking in my head I’ll get to my blog but I just haven’t made it a priority. But now that it’s a new year, a new decade, I figure I should at least document how 2019 went. It’s always fun to later look back at my old posts and see what I’ve accomplished.

2019 was another amazing year of running for me. I ran the most miles I’ve ever ran in a year, 1,860 miles. My previous best was 1,785 miles in 2017. I started the year off continuing training for my first Boston Marathon. I was so excited to run it. In March, I ran my first race of the year, the Shamrock Run Portland Half Marathon. It’s a hilly course that I had run the previous year. You can read that recap from that year here. I didn’t get a course PR but still got a good time, 1:46:59. I was still training for Boston so I still felt good about it. It was great that the fam was there for support.

Next up was the Boston Marathon in April. To go from running my first marathon in 2015 with a time of 4:26:33, to qualifying for Boston and actually getting in to run the Boston Marathon is still an amazing feat for me. The race didn’t go as well as I wanted but it was an awesome experience. You can read my recap here. 918779_287343265_xlargeNot long after was the Yosemite Half Marathon in May. I wasn’t expecting much from this race since I had just run Boston and was meeting up with my sister, Lenora, and Callie  for a vacation race. But I ended up with a surprise half marathon PR, 1:42:46 and I got 3rd overall female. There was some rolling hills but a lot of downhill on this course. It’s an awesome race that I highly recommend. We all got PRs. How cool is that?

After the race we got pictures at certain places and hiked Upper Yosemite Falls to get extra memorabilia (pin and medallion) from Vacation Races.

Yosemite is a beautiful place. It was my first time there and was great to spend time with my sister and friends.

After the Yosemite Half, I took it easy a little and did some cross training with running. Then it was back to marathon training for the Tunnel Light Marathon which was in September. This was the second time I ran Tunnel Light and it was great that my sister and Lenora ran it again too. You can read the recap from my first race here. But wow, what an amazing race I had! I got my marathon PR of 3:27:34.

I felt good for most of the race and Lenora helped since we ran a good portion of it together. Such an awesome day! I think the Nike Zoom Fly shoes helped a little :). Lenora and I both got BQ’s with good buffers. My sister had a good race but didn’t PR since she ran Revel Mt. Hood in June and she was already set for Boston. So cool to run another race together. It was also awesome to meet my coach in person for the first time. Coach Dawn has helped so much in making me a faster runner. Thanks so much Coach Dawn!!! I don’t think I’d be where I am today, without her help.

That was my last race of the year. Here are more pics with awesome people from the year:

2019 was an awesome year and I am SO grateful that my hubby and family support my running endeavors! I’m looking forward to 2020 and have so much planned already. Here’s a list of my upcoming races so far:
Salmon Falls 50k – 2/29
Shamrock Run Portland Half Marathon – 3/15
Boston Marathon – 4/20
HTC Relay – 8/28-8/29
Berlin Marathon – 9/27

Hope everyone has a wonderful new year! Happy running!


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