Month: July 2014

Last week’s workouts 7/21-7/27 and trip to Canandaigua, NY

It was a busy but great week! I didn’t get all the scheduled runs and workouts in due to traveling to New York for my hubby’s family reunion, but I did what I could. I ran once while on vacation, so that’s pretty good. 🙂

On Monday, I started the PiYo schedule and did Align. I think it’s a good one since it shows you how to do the moves properly. I think PiYo works well with my half marathon training since it’s low impact and works on flexibility and strength.20140730-210048-75648457.jpg

On Tuesday, I jogged three miles according to my half marathon training plan through the Asics app, and then did Day 2 of PiYo, Define: Lower Body. It’s a short one and is about 20 minutes.


On Wednesday, I ran a fast 5 miles and then did PiYo Define:Upper Body. It’s another short workout, that’s less than 20 minutes.20140730-210048-75648805.jpg

That night we left for New York and took a red eye flight. We got to JFK Airport around 5 am and then had to wait about four hours until our next flight to Rochester, NY, where we arrived at about 11 am. Here’s a pic from a kiosk at JFK Airport:20140730-210048-75648879.jpg

We were going to Canandaigua, NY to celebrate my husband’s Great Grandma’s 90th birthday as well as have a family reunion.

On Thursday, I didn’t get a workout in but had a nice time going sailing on Uncle Kerry’s boat. This was on Lake Canadaigua. Here are some pics:20140730-210049-75649268.jpg







On Friday we went to Onanda Park where we went on a little hike. I thought it was a nice one and my kiddos enjoyed it.20140730-210823-76103673.jpg









Then on Saturday, I went for a five mile run from our hotel. It was nice to get a run in especially since I wasn’t eating very well. I ate a lot of cookies, donuts, and chips…but hey I was on vacation :). But here are some of the things I saw on my run:20140730-211330-76410739.jpg








It was a fun week and I had a great time in New York! It was nice meeting more of my husband’s family as well as getting together with others again!

How did your week go?

Recap of last week’s workouts (7/13-7/20)

This week’s half marathon training went well. According to the Asic’s app which is what I’m following for my schedule, it’s phase 2 which is the Getting Faster Phase. It consists of 5 weeks and 80 miles over 16 runs. Monday was a rest day. On Tuesday, it had me jogging three miles, but I decided to do Focus T25’s Ab Intervals too. I had a great workout! It’s still a tough one!

On Wednesday, I woke up around 5 am and ran five miles fast. The guideline pace was 8:35-8:59.


Thursday was a scheduled rest day, but I decided to do a PiYo workout. I did PiYo Core and it really worked my core. My kids had fun playing around me while I worked out too, lol.

On Friday, I woke up early again and ran five miles fast. It was a good run!


Saturday was a rest day and today I ran 7.5 miles comfortably. The guideline pace was 9:20-10:15.


I had a pretty good week. How did your week go?


Recap of last week’s workouts

Here’s my recap of last week’s workouts. I ran five miles on Wednesday after being on vacation and doing a lot of walking at Disneyland. It was nice to go for a run.20140713-214854-78534350.jpg
On Thursday, I tried PiYo Strength Intervals for the first time. I liked it! I think it’s going to help with my running. It works on flexibility and strength. 
On Friday, I woke up around 5 am to run five miles since I didn’t want to wait until my hubby came home and it would’ve been almost 90 degrees out.
Saturday was a rest day and Sunday I ran the Mom’s Run this Town Summer Virtual 10k. I was scheduled to run 7.5 miles so I just ran an additional 1.3 miles easy after running the 10k.
20140713-214855-78535620.jpgAccording to Runkeeper it was my best time for 6-8 miles :)!


How did your week go?

Recap of Last Week’s Workouts 6/30-7/7 and Disneyland/Disney California Adventure.

I only got two runs in this week and did a couple of PiYo workouts. On Monday, my husband and I tried Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Define Lower and Upper Body workouts. They were about twenty minutes each. We started with the Upper Body one and then the Lower Body workout. The end of the Lower Body one was tough! There was a lot of plank work.

Here’s a pic of the fam at the end of the workout:20140709-220149-79309177.jpg

On Tuesday, I ran four miles. It was already warm out when I ran that morning. It reached the upper nineties that day….so hot!20140709-220149-79309625.jpg

On Wednesday, I ran six miles. I decided to run a little long because I knew I wouldn’t be able to run the rest of the week since we were going out of town.20140709-220150-79310056.jpg

Thursday was a rest day and Friday we spent most of the day driving to California. The picture below is of Mt. Shasta.

20140709-220150-79310600.jpgI wasn’t able to get any more runs or Beachbody workouts in but I got a great workout walking on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday while we were at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure :). We stayed at a hotel so close to Disneyland that we were able to just walk to the parks each day. We did a lot of walking!

Here are a few pics from our trip:20140709-225629-82589626.jpg20140709-225630-82590586.jpg20140709-225631-82591469.jpg

20140709-225636-82596013.jpgHave you been to Disneyland? I think it would be cool to get to do a Disney run. Maybe I’ll get to…eventually.

Have you done a Disney run? How was it?