Recap of last week’s workouts (7/13-7/20)

This week’s half marathon training went well. According to the Asic’s app which is what I’m following for my schedule, it’s phase 2 which is the Getting Faster Phase. It consists of 5 weeks and 80 miles over 16 runs. Monday was a rest day. On Tuesday, it had me jogging three miles, but I decided to do Focus T25’s Ab Intervals too. I had a great workout! It’s still a tough one!

On Wednesday, I woke up around 5 am and ran five miles fast. The guideline pace was 8:35-8:59.


Thursday was a scheduled rest day, but I decided to do a PiYo workout. I did PiYo Core and it really worked my core. My kids had fun playing around me while I worked out too, lol.

On Friday, I woke up early again and ran five miles fast. It was a good run!


Saturday was a rest day and today I ran 7.5 miles comfortably. The guideline pace was 9:20-10:15.


I had a pretty good week. How did your week go?


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