Boston Marathon Training – Week 1 (11/26 – 12/2)

Time to get back to it. Boston Marathon training has begun! I’ve had a good break from blogging and not running as much. November wasn’t the greatest month since I was recovering from a cold/cough. I probably had bronchitis.But I did manage a good 92 miles. Also, I’m happy and grateful to be getting coached again by the awesome, Coach Dawn. She previously told me that she was going to put coaching aside for a bit to focus on school and other things but it’s great that she decided to continue coaching me for Boston. Here’s what the schedule looked like last week:Monday – Plan: 4-5 miles easy w/ 4 x 15-20 sec strides after 1.5 miles
Actual: Ran an early 5 miles and did the strides. Felt ok.

Tuesday- Plan: Rest Day.
Actual: Rest day.Wednesday – Plan: Easy 5
Just run at a comfortable pace, not worrying about the #s. 

Actual: Ran an easy 5 miles.Thursday – Plan: Fartlek- 15 minute warm up- easy jog
8 x 30 seconds/2:30 float recovery
30 sec intervals around 10k pace/effort- around 8/10 effort level. For the 2:30 intervals, just drop it down to a moderate- around 6/10.
10 minute cool down
Actual: Ran it as planned. Fun to get some faster stuff in. Felt pretty good.Friday – Plan: 4-5 miles Recovery Run
Actual: Ran a nice 5 miles.Saturday – Plan: 10 miles easy
1 mile 8:10-15 

Actual: Ran the easy 10 miles and last mile was 8:08. Felt fine and helps when the last mile is downhill.

Sunday – Plan: Rest Day.
Actual: Rest day.

Total miles = 31.54 miles. I’d say it was a great first week of training. One week down, 19 to go :).

As for highlights from the rest of the week:

It was a busy Saturday. After my long run, we headed to my kiddos’ school for their book fair and holiday bazaar. Always fun to browse the booths and the kiddos got some books.Later we went and watched the new Wreck It Ralph movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet. It was pretty good. If you watch it, be sure to stay until the very end.. Oh and the previews showed there’s going to be another Toy Story movie. How crazy is that? Toy Story 4…I didn’t think there would be another one. But I’m looking forward to see what they do next.

How was your week? See any movies lately?

I’m linking up with Holly of HoHo Runs and Wendy of Taking the Long Way Home  for the Weekly Wrap.

12 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Training – Week 1 (11/26 – 12/2)

  1. I’m excited to follow your training for Boston. I’m so glad Coach Dawn is on board for you. You would hate to start with someone new! Good luck!


  2. Nice way to start off on a new training cycle. I can’t wait to follow on along on your journey to Boston! I’m glad you’re still in Coach Dawn’s good hands. Thanks for linking!


  3. How lovely your coach decided to keep coaching for Boston 🙂 I like to follow your training, it’s faster than I am now, but close to where I used to be and you have unique workouts that sound like a lot of fun!

    Also jealous you’re still running in shorts 🙂


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