Last week’s workouts 7/21-7/27 and trip to Canandaigua, NY

It was a busy but great week! I didn’t get all the scheduled runs and workouts in due to traveling to New York for my hubby’s family reunion, but I did what I could. I ran once while on vacation, so that’s pretty good. 🙂

On Monday, I started the PiYo schedule and did Align. I think it’s a good one since it shows you how to do the moves properly. I think PiYo works well with my half marathon training since it’s low impact and works on flexibility and strength.20140730-210048-75648457.jpg

On Tuesday, I jogged three miles according to my half marathon training plan through the Asics app, and then did Day 2 of PiYo, Define: Lower Body. It’s a short one and is about 20 minutes.


On Wednesday, I ran a fast 5 miles and then did PiYo Define:Upper Body. It’s another short workout, that’s less than 20 minutes.20140730-210048-75648805.jpg

That night we left for New York and took a red eye flight. We got to JFK Airport around 5 am and then had to wait about four hours until our next flight to Rochester, NY, where we arrived at about 11 am. Here’s a pic from a kiosk at JFK Airport:20140730-210048-75648879.jpg

We were going to Canandaigua, NY to celebrate my husband’s Great Grandma’s 90th birthday as well as have a family reunion.

On Thursday, I didn’t get a workout in but had a nice time going sailing on Uncle Kerry’s boat. This was on Lake Canadaigua. Here are some pics:20140730-210049-75649268.jpg







On Friday we went to Onanda Park where we went on a little hike. I thought it was a nice one and my kiddos enjoyed it.20140730-210823-76103673.jpg









Then on Saturday, I went for a five mile run from our hotel. It was nice to get a run in especially since I wasn’t eating very well. I ate a lot of cookies, donuts, and chips…but hey I was on vacation :). But here are some of the things I saw on my run:20140730-211330-76410739.jpg








It was a fun week and I had a great time in New York! It was nice meeting more of my husband’s family as well as getting together with others again!

How did your week go?

4 thoughts on “Last week’s workouts 7/21-7/27 and trip to Canandaigua, NY

  1. Isn’t upstate NY pretty? A lot of my fiance’s family lives there–Rushville (which is pretty near Canandaigua!) and Ithaca. I wish we got to visit more! Looks like you had a nice trip 🙂


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