Recap of last weeks workouts 7/28-8/3.

Half marathon training is going pretty good considering being on vacation twice in July. We left New York on Tuesday and I got a short workout in at the airport using the Seven App. Seven minutes is better than nothing :P.20140803-211029-76229738.jpg

I’m giving a quick review of Jet Blue’s snack choices, which I thought were pretty good. It was the first time flying with them and I thought their customer service and snacks were super.20140803-215119-78679054.jpg

I think this was the first time I tried Terra BBQ chips and they were quite yummy and addicting. We had connecting flights, so each time we flew I would pick the Terra BBQ chips for a snack lol.


Here’s a cool shot from the airplane.20140803-211030-76230585.jpg

We got back around two in the morning. After I got my sleep in, I was able to get my workouts in for the day. I ran five miles and then did PiYo Core.20140803-211031-76231134.jpg20140803-211030-76230862.jpg

On Thursday, I did PiYo Define: Upper and Lower Body. My little guy had fun in front of the camera while I worked out lol.20140803-211031-76231595.jpg

On Friday, I got up early (5 am) to run five miles before hubby went to work. I did not want to run in the heat later.20140803-211031-76231804.jpg

I also got my Encore medal in the mail! It’s the medal you get for running two Rock’n’Roll races. I ran the Portland Rock’n’Roll and Seattle Rock’n’Roll half marathons. Pretty cool bling to add to my collection. 20140803-211032-76232681.jpg

On Saturday, I did PiYo Sweat. I love this one, it totally makes you sweat!20140803-211032-76232923.jpg

Then today, I did my long run of 10.01 miles. On the Asics app, the run had a guideline pace of 9:18-10:13 min/mi. I was in the range, so I’m happy. It says comfortable running lets you train without putting to much strain on the body.


I had a pretty good week. How’d your week go?

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