Recap of Last Week’s Workouts 6/30-7/7 and Disneyland/Disney California Adventure.

I only got two runs in this week and did a couple of PiYo workouts. On Monday, my husband and I tried Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Define Lower and Upper Body workouts. They were about twenty minutes each. We started with the Upper Body one and then the Lower Body workout. The end of the Lower Body one was tough! There was a lot of plank work.

Here’s a pic of the fam at the end of the workout:20140709-220149-79309177.jpg

On Tuesday, I ran four miles. It was already warm out when I ran that morning. It reached the upper nineties that day….so hot!20140709-220149-79309625.jpg

On Wednesday, I ran six miles. I decided to run a little long because I knew I wouldn’t be able to run the rest of the week since we were going out of town.20140709-220150-79310056.jpg

Thursday was a rest day and Friday we spent most of the day driving to California. The picture below is of Mt. Shasta.

20140709-220150-79310600.jpgI wasn’t able to get any more runs or Beachbody workouts in but I got a great workout walking on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday while we were at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure :). We stayed at a hotel so close to Disneyland that we were able to just walk to the parks each day. We did a lot of walking!

Here are a few pics from our trip:20140709-225629-82589626.jpg20140709-225630-82590586.jpg20140709-225631-82591469.jpg

20140709-225636-82596013.jpgHave you been to Disneyland? I think it would be cool to get to do a Disney run. Maybe I’ll get to…eventually.

Have you done a Disney run? How was it?

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