Wings and Wheels Half Marathon Race Recap

I’m finally getting to my recap of the Wings and Wheels Half Marathon. This race took place at the airport in Scappoose, OR. This was my first time running this race and looks like it was their second annual race. Coach Dawn had given me a list of dates to race and this race happened to be on one of those dates so I thought why not. It’s local and I wanted to see what my half marathon time would be with marathon training going so well. It’s a super small race that’s hosted by the South Columbia County Chamber of Commerce with timing by Uberthons. Love Uberthons because I’ve paced races for them.

The race started at 7:30 am. It took me about a half an hour to get to the Scappoose Airport. I ended up getting there around 7 am. I took my race fuel of two scoops of UCAN in the car before heading out to bib pick up which was pretty easy to find and no line. After picking up my bib I did a 10 minute warm up run with a few strides and then it was race time.IMG_6432I was feeling pretty good about this race and was hoping to PR. My best time was 1:45:39, so I wanted anything faster than that. Coach Dawn wanted me to run the first three miles as a progression and work into goal pace by mile 4.
IMG_6433I was going to run about 15 sec slower than my goal pace (I decided to aim for 1:45, pace 8:01), so around 8:16ish for my first mile but I ended up going 8:10. I felt good.IMG_6431Mile 2 – 8:05IMG_6430Mile 3 – 8:03. But at about 3.3 miles there was an aid station and I was following two people ahead of me that went straight and the next thing I know they are turning around. We were supposed to turn right. Oh wells, that through me off and I knew my distance would be off.IMG_6429Mile 4 – 7:59. I think I did a good job on that progression though. Do you see the airplane landing in the distance?IMG_6428Mile 5 – 7:53. I knew I had to make up time since I ran a little off course. Still was feeling pretty good.
Mile 6 – 8:01
Mile 7 – 7:54IMG_6427Mile 8 – 7:57. The course was nice and pretty flat with some downhill.
Mile 9 – 7:59
IMG_6426Mile 10 – 7:58. With this being such a small race, I enjoyed the scenery and also my music kept me going. Love my AfterShokz headphones!
IMG_6425Mile 11 – 8:00. It was getting tougher but kept it up.
Mile 12 – 7:52
Mile 13 – 7:47
Mile 13.22 – 7:18. Picked it up at the end…woohoo.IMG_6102Got a PR!! So happy I got my best half marathon time! Official time was 1:45:12.

I ran a 10 min cool down afterwards. It’s nice that you can look at the cars and airplanes at this event. There were also booths to check out which I didn’t get a chance to do.IMG_1489I enjoyed the complimentary breakfast afterwards. IMG_5683Here’s the nice medal.

It was awesome to PR. I got 1st in age group and fourth overall female. There were only 40 participants so it was a very small race. It was a good course but it would’ve been nice if there were signs or people telling us where to go. As for fueling/hydration, besides the UCAN I took at the beginning of the race I hydrated with Nuun every couple of miles in my trusty Simple Hydration bottle.

I’m excited for the Tunnel Marathon in a few days. What’s your next race?

5 thoughts on “Wings and Wheels Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. So glad the race was a good experience for you. Do I have your permission to link to this from the event FB? Thanks!
    Wings & Wheels Half staff
    (Hope to see you again on 8/17/19!)


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