Tunnel Light Marathon Training – Week 14 (9/3-9/9)

Another week of marathon training is done. I can’t believe next weekend I’ll be running the Tunnel Light Marathon. Here’s what my workouts looked like from Coach Dawn’s plan:IMG_6347Monday – Plan: 15 min easy at 1%
then 4 x 10 seconds at 8% w/2:30 easy in between
then easy until reach 40 minutes
Actual: Wasn’t looking forward to the hill sprints on the treadmill but got it done. Felt fine overall. Running on the TM wasn’t too bad since Netflix kept me entertained. But it’s interesting to compare what my watch reads and the treadmill. IMG_6366Tuesday- Plan: Easy 15 min
Ladder- 1-2-3-2-1 w/ equal recovery
Easy 10 min

Actual: Ladder workouts are fun. Felt good and the ladder splits were fast.IMG_6379Wednesday – Plan: Recovery Run. 30 minutes
+ 5-10 min core 

Actual: Had a nice 30 min recovery run and did some core work afterwards.IMG_6423Thursday – Plan: 1 mile easy
1 mile 8:10-15
1 mile 7:50-7:55
1 mile 8:10-15
1 mile easy
Actual: Ran it as planned. Felt pretty good and hit the splits.

Friday – Plan: Rest day
Actual: Rest day. Love rest days!IMG_6476Saturday – Plan: 10 miles easy
3 miles- 8:05-15
+5-10 minutes core 

Actual: Last long run before the marathon. Ran a good easy 10 miles and worked harder on the last 3 miles. Splits were 8:06, 8:06, and 8:03. I drank 2 scoops of UCAN before the run and had my usual Nuun to hydrate. Also, did about 5 min of core afterwards. IMG_6482Sunday – Plan: Recovery Run 3 miles
Actual: Had a scary incident when a car pulled to the side just ahead of me which was weird. This was early, just after 5:30 am before I had to go to work, so it was still dark and I was a bit freaked out. So I turned around and ran back and finished where I felt safer. Glad nothing happened. I do carry mace and I was relieved I didn’t have to use it. But for some reason I thought I was supposed to run 30 min and not just 3 miles. Oh wells. Finished with 3.14 miles.

Total miles = 33.71 miles. Another good week. It seems like this cycle’s been great overall. There were a few really tough workouts but most of them went really well. Hope all this hard work pays off next Sunday. I’m feeling good but nervous. You never know what might happen on race day. Just got to keep thinking positive since training has gone so well. Big thanks to Coach Dawn who’s been awesome planning my workouts and all!

As for highlights from the rest of the week:IMG_2467The kiddos went back to school on Tuesday. It’s hard to believe I have a fifth and second grader.

We also had a few movie nights over the weekend and watched Peter Rabbit and The Princess Bride. Peter Rabbit was ok, but fun to know that James Corden was Peter. The Princess Bride is a favorite and I was surprised the kiddos wanted to watch it especially my oldest.

That pretty much wraps up my week. How’d your week go? Any races coming up?

I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and Wendy of Taking the Long Way Home  for the Weekly Wrap.

12 thoughts on “Tunnel Light Marathon Training – Week 14 (9/3-9/9)

  1. Nice week of training! Hard to believe the race is next week. You will do great, I know it!

    I’m so glad that car incident turned out to be nothing. Better safe than sorry!


  2. Have a great race this weekend! You are as prepared as you can be and you’ll be great. The kiddos are adorable. Sigh. Time flies. Cheers to the new school year!


  3. You are going to do amazing in your marathon, I can’t wait to see how it goes! You’ve put in the hard work and I know you’ll do great!

    Aw, your kids are in 2nd and 5th grade, they’re growing up! Now I want to watch The Princess Bride…such a classic!


  4. A great week: you’re so ready for this! I’m excited for you and can’t wait to read the race report!

    No races for me, but that’s on purpose. I’m concentrating on strength and conditioning, maintaining my mental health through running, supporting others, and then I’ll be doing quite a lot of officiating over the winter season as I work towards my level 2 endurance official qualification. So it suits me to run what I want to rather than to a plan.

    Go go go, enjoy your taper and enjoy your race!


  5. You’ve put in incredible hard work during this training cycle and I can’t wait to see it pay off on race day! I hope you enjoy this well deserved taper week. I’ve turned around after spotting sketchy cars or sketchy walkers. Looping close to home may become boring, but you can never be too careful. Thanks for linking!


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