2018 Oregon Winter 5k Race Recap

The Oregon Winter 5k took place at the Reserve Vineyards & Golf Club in Aloha, OR. Love how it’s not far from my place. Besides the 5k, there was a half marathon and quarter marathon option.OregonWinter5k.pngThis was actually my first 5k in about 3 years so I was excited to run it. The weather wasn’t bad. It was cloudy and according to my Garmin 43.0 deg F out. The race was scheduled to start at 9 am.IMG_2022I got to the golf course around 8:15 am and was lucky to get a parking spot close to the main lot. At first they had me turn around and then they told me there was a spot to the left of the main parking area which had a few spots. Next, I went to pick up my bib which was in a nice covered area. There was a line but wasn’t too bad since I wasn’t in a rush.IMG_9713After I got my bib, I did my warmup. Started with some leg swings and then went for a 10 min easy run with 10 sec fast x 2 after the 10 min. I got in a couple of skip drills afterwards.

Below is a pic of the start line.
IMG_1565Pic of other 5k’ers waiting to run.
IMG_8273It was great to see Lynn (@sassyrookierunner on IG) who also ran the 5k.IMG_0415The race started on time. I felt pretty good and wasn’t sure how fast I should go, but wanted to PR. My last 5k time was 24:38 so I started out fast but tried to keep it controlled. The course was basically on the golf court path so it wasn’t that wide and there were a lot of turns, ups and downs, and one weird turnaround section. You can click the pic below to see the course on Relive. Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 8.32.05 PM.pngMy Garmin had the first mile at 7:35. I picked it up on the second mile and split was 7:30. It looks like I slowed down on mile 3 and split was 7:40. I don’t think I pushed hard enough and picked it up at the end but forgot to stop my watch. My Garmin had me at 3.15 miles and time was 23:55. Official time was 23:41 which was good enough for first overall female and a PR. Woohoo! All the super fast people ran other distances or didn’t run. I’ll take it. IMG_1348I won a cool first place medal and pineapple. 🙂

There was a soup bar after the race which I didn’t partake in since I had to leave early. I heard there was bacon on the course too which I didn’t see but was there for the longer races. This was another great well organized race put on by Uberthons. But I don’t think this is a PR friendly course. If you’re looking for a race to run for fun in January, this is a good option. IMG_1379Here’s the cool medal.

My race info:Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 8.11.40 PMSo happy to take 1st overall female! 🙂

What’s your next race? I’m looking forward to running the Shamrock Run Portland Half Marathon next. Happy running!

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