Today’s workout – P90X3 Triometrics

I decided to do P90X3’s Triometrics today. My legs got a killer workout! I’m hoping this will help my legs for the half marathon I’m running soon. There were a lot of squats in this one!

Each move is done for about a minute and is split into different intensities. It gets harder each time so you can stay with the first or second move as the intensity increases if it gets too hard.

Here’s the list of moves:

  1. Calf raise Squats
  2. Duper Skater
  3. Frog Jumps
  4. Warrior 3 Squats
  5. Speed Skater
  6. Superman Lunge
  7. Sumo Kick
  8. Run Stance squats
  9. Iso Squat
  10. Slater Squat
  11. Duper 2
  12. Jack Squats
  13. Hell’s Chair
  14. Kablam
  15. Burnout

Also, I did a video on Day 30, which you can check out, to get an idea of the moves.

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