Month: May 2014

Raining outside….Check out a cool running website – SmashRun.

20140508-192832.jpgI was thinking about running today, once my husband got home from work, but it’s raining pretty hard right now. Oh, wells. I don’t think I’ll be running today. I did a workout earlier today, so I think that counts for something! I’ll probably run the three miles tomorrow. But I was looking at my running stats from SmashRun, and I’ve ran 142 miles so far this year. I guess that’s not bad considering I haven’t been running very consistently until I started training for the Portland Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon. Also, my average running pace this year is 8:44/mile. I’m pretty happy with that! Last year, I rarely got under 9 min miles.

Check out Smashrun! This is a neat website for runners! I like their running reports! If you like stats and tracking your runs, this is for you.

Below is part of a screen shot of what type of information you’ll see on SmashRun! I think it’s pretty cool!


What are your favorite running websites? Let me know what you think of SmashRun.

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21 Day Fix Dirty 30 Workout

I decided to try a new workout today. I’m not doing any particular workout program right now since I’m training for the Portland Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon that’s coming up soon, and then the Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half marathon in June. I’ve been following a modified version of Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half marathon training schedule for running but I’ve also been incorporating Beachbody workouts for cross training. My husband did the 21 Day Fix and he liked the program. It got him started on his fitness journey and now he’s tackling P90X3. He recommended I try  the Dirty 30 workout, so I did.

Dirty 30’s description is “4 rounds, 8 exercises, and 30 minutes to get in, get out, and get on with your day.” I thought the exercises were great and gave my whole body a workout! I like using weights now and this one delivers in using weights.

Here’s a pic after the workout with my little guy :).


Did you exercise today or plan to?

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Today’s workout – P90X3 Triometrics

I decided to do P90X3’s Triometrics today. My legs got a killer workout! I’m hoping this will help my legs for the half marathon I’m running soon. There were a lot of squats in this one!

Each move is done for about a minute and is split into different intensities. It gets harder each time so you can stay with the first or second move as the intensity increases if it gets too hard.

Here’s the list of moves:

  1. Calf raise Squats
  2. Duper Skater
  3. Frog Jumps
  4. Warrior 3 Squats
  5. Speed Skater
  6. Superman Lunge
  7. Sumo Kick
  8. Run Stance squats
  9. Iso Squat
  10. Slater Squat
  11. Duper 2
  12. Jack Squats
  13. Hell’s Chair
  14. Kablam
  15. Burnout

Also, I did a video on Day 30, which you can check out, to get an idea of the moves.