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Today’s workout – Focus T25 Speed 3.0

I decided to do Focus T25’s Gamma Speed 3.0 workout. I felt like getting a major sweat on and this workout never disappoints! After this workout, I was dripping sweat on the floor lol. It’s a fast paced workout with lots of burpee moves.

If you like burpees, this is a good one for you! This workout has burpee + plank walks, burpee + spider lunges, burpee + push-up jacks, burpee + ski abs, burpee + pike-ups, and burpee + front kicks. Those are just the burpee moves. This is an awesome cardio workout! Just like all the T25 workouts, it’s only 25 minutes!

Who else is exercising today, or did already?

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Focus T25 Gamma Rip’t Up

Focus T25 Rip’t Up is another great workout that incorporates cardio and weights. My arms and shoulders got a good workout. The 90 degree shimmy up…oh my.

Here’s a list of the moves in the workout:
Split Lunge Agility
Low Switch kick
Double Switch Kick
High Switch Kick

Static Upper Cut
Jack Upper Cut
Wide Row (Pull up)
Single Arm Row L
Single Arm Row R
Lat Pull Down 
Recip Hammer Curl
Tricep Kickback Palms Up
Trcipe Kickback Palms Down
Recip Wide Curl
Single Leg L Shoulder Press
Single Leg R Shoulder Press
4 Count Push Up
Upright Row
2 count Push Up
90 Degree Shimmy up 
90 Degree Shoulder Shrug
Basic Shoulder Shrug
Standing Rocketman
Recip Lawnmower (Pull Ups)
One Legged Deadlift + Knee Raise L
On Legged Deadlift + Knee Raise R
Deadlift and Shoulder Shrug
Recip Push Press
Dual Push Press + Knees at 90 degrees
Recip Push Press + legs 6” off ground
Dual Push Press + Scissor Legs
Down Dog and Plank
Down Dog Alt Leg Plank
Down Dog Alt Leg push up
Down Dog + Oblique Push Up
High Hook
Low Hook and Squat Hold
Low Jack Uppercut
Crossdown Punch Jack
Superman Pulse (weighted)
Rocketman Pulse
Single Leg Dual Curl L
Single Leg Dual Curl R
Single Leg Tricep Overhead Press L
Single Leg Tricep Overhead Press R
Arm Push-up Jacks
Arm Jack + Knee In
4 Count Curl Press L
4 Count Curl Press R
2 Count Curl Press L
2 Count Curl Press R

Focus T25 Gamma Extreme Circuit

I’m loving T25 and how the workouts are just 25 minutes each! Extreme Circuit is as great total body workout! It’s broken down into five minute sets. You do four different moves for about a minute each and then a burnout of the four moves you just did for fifteen seconds each. Weights or resistance bands are used for most of the exercises and there’s some that even have a chin-up bar option.
Here’s a list of the moves if you want to know what you’re getting yourself into:
·         Alt. Heel Tap
·         Upright Row
·         Dual Shoulder Press
·         Alt. Knee Crunch
·         Then Burnout  – You repeat each move at 15 seconds each.
·         Alt. Front Kick 90 Degree Hold
·         Dual Hammer Curl
·         Hammer Curl + Squat
·         90 Degree Straight Leg Hold (L) 
·         90 Degree Straight Leg Hold (R)
·         Then Burnout  – You repeat each move at 15 seconds each, last move is Alt. Straight Leg Kick.
·         Weighted Burpee 
·          Tricep Push-Up 
·         Weighted Squat
·         Plank Crunch
·         Then Burnout  – You repeat each move at 15 seconds each.
·         Elbow Mountain Climber
·         Burpee + Front Kick
·         Recip. Bicep Curl (L)
·         Recip. Bicep Curl (R)
·         Plank Walk + Spider Lunge
·         Then Burnout  – You repeat each move at 15 seconds each.
·         Wide Fly + Hip Thrust
·         Shoulder Press Twist 
·         Walking Ski Abs 
·         Dead Lift + Hammer Curl
·         Then Burnout  – You repeat each move at 15 seconds each.