Focus T25 Gamma Rip’t Up

Focus T25 Rip’t Up is another great workout that incorporates cardio and weights. My arms and shoulders got a good workout. The 90 degree shimmy up…oh my.

Here’s a list of the moves in the workout:
Split Lunge Agility
Low Switch kick
Double Switch Kick
High Switch Kick

Static Upper Cut
Jack Upper Cut
Wide Row (Pull up)
Single Arm Row L
Single Arm Row R
Lat Pull Down 
Recip Hammer Curl
Tricep Kickback Palms Up
Trcipe Kickback Palms Down
Recip Wide Curl
Single Leg L Shoulder Press
Single Leg R Shoulder Press
4 Count Push Up
Upright Row
2 count Push Up
90 Degree Shimmy up 
90 Degree Shoulder Shrug
Basic Shoulder Shrug
Standing Rocketman
Recip Lawnmower (Pull Ups)
One Legged Deadlift + Knee Raise L
On Legged Deadlift + Knee Raise R
Deadlift and Shoulder Shrug
Recip Push Press
Dual Push Press + Knees at 90 degrees
Recip Push Press + legs 6” off ground
Dual Push Press + Scissor Legs
Down Dog and Plank
Down Dog Alt Leg Plank
Down Dog Alt Leg push up
Down Dog + Oblique Push Up
High Hook
Low Hook and Squat Hold
Low Jack Uppercut
Crossdown Punch Jack
Superman Pulse (weighted)
Rocketman Pulse
Single Leg Dual Curl L
Single Leg Dual Curl R
Single Leg Tricep Overhead Press L
Single Leg Tricep Overhead Press R
Arm Push-up Jacks
Arm Jack + Knee In
4 Count Curl Press L
4 Count Curl Press R
2 Count Curl Press L
2 Count Curl Press R

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