Friday Five: Five Races to Run in 2015

TITLE (6)Happy Friday! I am linking up once again with Eat Pray Run DCYou Signed Up for What?! and Mar on the Run for their Friday Five Linkup. Every Friday they have a linkup for bloggers to link up a post about five things on their theme or you can write five things about your own topic. This week’s theme is “5 Races to Run in 2015”. Here are five races that I think are awesome and I’m running this year:

1. Mommathon 5k 10k Fitness Festival – 2/28/15. This one’s coming up soon! It’s being put on by my local Mom’s Run This Town group and Uberthons. What’s cool about this one is that it’s not just a 5k or 10k race, it’s also a fitness festival where there are fitness challenges. There will be fitness stations which include tests like how many burpees can you do in a minute, or how long can you hold plank? They also have a virtual option. You can learn more HERE. Check out the cool medal!mommathon_medal

2. NYC Half Marathon – 3/15/15. I was lucky to get into this one since it is a lottery event. I’m so happy both my sister and I got in! This one should be fun since I’ll be traveling to the East Coast. I’ll get to run through Times Square and Central Park. It’ll be a nice running tour. I’m excited! Here’s a link to their official page for more info: HERE.nychalf15_racehead_4

3. Rock’n’Roll Portland Half Marathon – 5/17/15. I love all the Rock’n’Roll Races I’ve done so far. This will be the fourth time doing the Portland race. rnrportlandIt looks like they’ve changed the course this year, so I’m excited for that! Improvements include:

  • No stopping for trains or traffic relief! (glad this never happened to me)
  • New bridges, new streets
  • Run through the historic Irvington neighborhood.POR_course_updated

Here’s a link to the official Rock’n’Roll Portland page: HERE.

4. Rock’n’Roll Seattle Half Marathon – 6/13/15. I did this race for the first time last year and loved the scenic course! I remember getting a great view of Mt. Rainier, running on the freeway seeing the Great Wheel and Seattle’s sport stadiums. Also, it was nice running along Lake Washington, and there was a sea of blue, military tributes and American flags to remember the honor and sacrifice of our service men and women. It was great!14_RnR_SEA_Logo

Looks like they changed the course this year too and they will have a new start and finish line under the Space Needle. Here’s a link to the official page: HERE.

5. Portland Marathon – 10/4/15. This will be my first marathon. It’s listed to be one of the best marathons for first timers in this Runner’s World Article- HERE, in Fitness Magazine- HERE, Fitbie -as one of the 10 Best Beginner Marathons- HERE, and one of the 15 Best Fall Marathon’s in the U.S. from daily Burn- HERE. I’m glad this race is local. Here’s the official Portland Marathon site for more info: HERE.cropped-2015Masthead

What is your favorite race for 2015?


30 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Races to Run in 2015

  1. So jealous of the NYC half, I entered the lottery but didn’t get it..maybe next year!! And I love RnR races too. I’ll be running 3 this year….DC, Vegas and one more yet to be determined!


  2. Aw, man! Y’all are going to have a BLAST in NYC! I’m so jealous – ha! 😉 I’d love to do the marathon one day, but the lottery system is so tough. Thanks so much for sharing your races; can’t wait to hear about all of the fun. Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. The Portland Marathon is a great race to run for your first 26.2. It was my first! The thing I like about it is that after you climb the hill to the St. John’s Bridge, you know that the rest of the race is basically downhill. My favorite part of the course is running by the Univ. of Portland.

    I’m most looking forward to running the Chicago Marathon this year. I love Chicago!


  4. Oh, I’d love to run NY! How exciting that you got in!! And one of these days, I need to leave the East Coast for a race, how awesome it would be to run in Portland, or Seattle!


  5. So many great cities! I would love to run in NYC, Seattle and Portland. Maybe one day!

    My favorite race for 2015 will probably be the Space Coast Half. However, I am running a couple of new races this year, so I will reserve judgment on that.

    Good luck with your first marathon! It is quite the experience!


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