Friday Five: Friday Favorites – My Favorite Snacks

I am linking up with Eat Pray Run DCYou Signed Up for What?! and Mar on the Run for the Friday Five Linkup. Every Friday they have a linkup for bloggers to Link up a post about 5 things or write on their theme. This week’s theme is Friday Favorites. I decided to write about my favorite snacks right now.Friday Five

1. G.H. Cretors Chicago Mix popcorn. I’m addicted to this stuff right now and they sell a big bag at Costco😋. It’s a great mix of caramel and cheese popcorn. I like how it contains non-GMO ingredients too.IMG_0740.JPG

2. Greek yogurt with Hemp Hearts or Granola. I love the combination of vanilla Greek yogurt and hemp hearts or granola. It makes for a filling snack.IMG_8891.JPG

3. Fruit. Fruit is always a great snack. I’m liking the usual cuties, bananas, or apples.IMG_0741.JPG

4. Dark Chocolate Almond barkThins. I have a sweet tooth and this satisfies it well, haha😋.IMG_0743.JPG

5. Mamma Chia – Chia Squeezes. The Blackberry Bliss is a great flavor. I like having a fast and convenient way to get Chia seeds with fruit.IMG_0744.JPGWhat are your current go to snacks?

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31 thoughts on “Friday Five: Friday Favorites – My Favorite Snacks

  1. I’m from Chicago – if you ever are there (or even in the United terminal in the airport) you HAVE to try the real thing – Garrett’s cheese & caramel popcorn. (swoon) But if you bring it on the plane, you may find yourself eating it on the flight and having none left at your destination, it’s that good. Maybe buy two small bags.


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