Last Week’s Workouts Recap – Started Insanity the Asylum (11/10-11/16)

I’ve started Shaun T’s Insanity the Asylum Workout Program and OMG it’s tough! I’m happy it’s only 30 days haha. All the workouts so far are hard but a great challenge. If I keep it up, I should be in tip top shape. I still might go for a run here and there, especially since I will be getting my IRun4 buddy really soon. On Saturday’s official waiting list, I was number 57! So close!

On to the workouts…on Monday, Day 1 was Speed and Agility. This was the first time using an agility ladder and I thought it was fun.

Here’s a video preview of Speed & Agility:

I also refreshed with resource Natural Spring Water. It’s very refreshing water during and after the workout. Thanks Influenster for letting me test the product! It tasted great.










Tuesday, day 2 was Strength. My shoulders were sore but got through the workout.

Here’s video preview of Strength:

Wednesday, day 3 was Back to Core. This one really works your back. I was really sore from the previous workouts.


Here’s a video preview of Back to Core:

Thursday, day 4 was Vertical Plyo. OMG this is the hardest one so far! I was still sore so I didn’t even attempt the Plyo push-ups lol. I did what I could.

Here’s a video preview of Vertical Plyo:

Friday, day 5 was a much needed Rest Day!

Saturday, day 6 was Speed & Agility again. Here I’m doing a much needed stretch during cool down.IMG_9980.JPG

Sunday, day 7 was Strength. I’m happy to say I’m no longer sore, but I might be tomorrow lol.IMG_0003.JPG

How’d your week go?

I’m linking up with this week’s Workout Wednesday (WOW) Link Up!

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12 thoughts on “Last Week’s Workouts Recap – Started Insanity the Asylum (11/10-11/16)

  1. I truly enjoyed reading this post and viewing your videos. Your family is too cute and seeing your husband and you work out together is just inspiring. More families should do it. Such a healthy way to grow and teach your sons about taking care of their temples. LOVE!! #wowlinkup


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