Five Cold Weather Running Tips

This week’s Friday Five theme is Five Cold Weather Running Tips. It’s that time of year when the thought of running outside in cold weather may make you shiver even thinking about it, but here are five tips to get you through running in cold weather.

1. Dress appropriately. Wear a hat and gloves. Stay away from cotton since it holds moisture and will make you cold. Here’s a handy dandy chart that will help you figure out what to wear from SparkPeople:spark

2. Make sure you have traction on your shoes and be aware of your surroundings. Look out for slick spots.slip-and-fall_500x310

Here’s a way to add traction and run on ice from

3. Wear sunscreen. Especially when there’s snow since the sun’s rays are reflected, you don’t want to get sunburned.sunscreen

4. Don’t stay in wet clothes. You’ll get colder. Change them right away to warm up.

Brrbrrrr5. Lastly, keep moving and don’t think about the cold. Once you get started you’ll get warmer and forget it’s cold.


Happy running! Do you have any tips for running in the cold?

I am linking up with Eat Pray Run DCYou Signed Up for What?! and Mar on the Run for the Friday Five Linkup. Every Friday they have a linkup for bloggers to Link up a post about 5 things or write on their theme. Check them out!

34 thoughts on “Five Cold Weather Running Tips

  1. Great list. I love handy dandy charts. The sunscreen is definitely something that get overlooked, but as a ginger, I can vouch first hand on that one.


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