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Portland Marathon Training Week 1 – Last Week’s Workouts (6/15-6/21)

It’s begun! I’ve started training for the Portland Marathon. I guess I’m a little late to the program since most training plans are 18 weeks long. Last week was 16 weeks away. But I’ve decided to go with a modified Hal Higdon training plan. I liked using his plans while training for my many of my half marathons. I’ve ran eleven halves now. I’ll be adding Beachbody DVDs along with the plan. We’ll see how it goes. I’m also still doing the Runner’s World Run Streak until July 4th.

Here’s what I did last week:

Monday – Ran a mile to continue the #RWRunStreak. I still wanted to take it easy after the Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon.

Tuesday – Ran another mile.Wednesday – I would say I officially started my marathon training. Ran 5 miles.  Thursday – Ran a mile. I then did Insanity Core Cardio and Balance. I thought it was a good one to do since it’s the workout done during the recovery week of the Insanity program. My kiddos jumped in for a little bit.
Friday – Ran five miles.  Saturday – 8 miler.  Sunday – 1 mile to continue the #RWRunStreak.  That was my week of workouts.  Even though the Portland Marathon is still a ways away, I’m nervous about it. I still need to figure out how I’m going to be able to do my long runs on Saturday having the kiddos and all while my hubby works. I’ll figure it out.

How’d your week go? Any race plans?

Last Week’s Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon Training Workouts Recap (5/25-5/31)

Last week was the start of the Runner’s World Run Streak. I was able to go a week with running at least a mile a day. 🙂 But I’m getting excited for the Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon next week. I’m not really following a set plan but here’s what I did:

Monday – Ran a loop by my neighborhood and it was 2.71 miles.Tuesday – Ran 5 miles before work.  Wednesday – Ran a mile.  Thursday – Got 3 miles on the treadmill.  Friday – Ran a mile with my lil guy and then did Focus T25 Ab Intervals.  

Saturday – 11 tough miles on the treadmill. I watched Prefontaine on Netflix which helped.Sunday- Ran a mile.  Also, last week ended the month of May and I ended up with another 100+ miles. I ran 110 miles. This is my fourth time ever to get 100+ miles in a month. I’m on a streak right now, with three month’s in a row. The only other time was last year in August. Maybe I’ll continue the streak? Below is my May running report from Smashrun.

How’s your training going? Hope you’re having a great week so far!

Last Week’s Workouts Recap (10/13-10/19)

Last week’s workouts went well. Uberthons Halloweenathon 10k is coming soon, just five days away.

On Monday, I had a good three mile run and then did Focus T25’s Total Body Circuit for some strength training. Got a great sweat on! I love the fall colors from the leaves! Don’t you?


On Tuesday, I ran a nice six miles.IMG_9154.JPG

Wednesday’s workout was a 50 min tempo run. I’m glad I wore my running vest because it was windy and a little rainy out.IMG_9165.JPG

Thursday was a nice four mile run. It was a great day out for running!IMG_9195.JPG

Friday was Rest Day.

On Saturday, I did Focus T25’s Beta Rip’t Circuit. I love how T25 workouts are only 25 minutes long and still get such a great workout in a short amount of time. This particular workout incorporates weights which I like.IMG_9217.JPG

Sunday was an eight miler. I felt pretty good so I ran the last couple of miles fast.IMG_9240.JPG

Only five more days until my 10k race. It should be a fun one. When’s your next race or big event?

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Last Week’s Workout Recap (9/22-9/28)

This week went pretty well. I decided to jump into Hal Higdon’s 10k Intermediate training plan. My 10K is on October 25th, so I’m on week 4 of the training plan. After my virtual Beat the Blerch 10k, I decided to take a rest from running and did PiYo Core on Monday.IMG_8425.JPG

On Tuesday, I ran 4.5 miles.IMG_8462.JPG

Wednesday’s workout was 9x400s. This was the first time I’ve done intervals on the treadmill. I ran a 400 and then walked about half a lap. After a while, I thought that it was probably too much walking and shortened the walking a little. I guess it wasn’t too bad running on the treadmill.IMG_8486.JPG

On Thursday, I ran Running with Ollie’s Blog Virtual 4 Mile Fun Run and Scavenger Hunt. Here were the items on the Scavenger Hunt:

1. Selfie 2. Ran by some beautiful flowers. 3. Something unique was the Max Train crossing. I got stopped at the crossing today. 4. The squirrel made me smile. He’s a little hard to see. 5. Record of my run.

I thought it was a fun thing to do and celebrate a blogger’s big 4 – 0 birthday. Also, she’s giving away some awesome prizes!


On Friday, I ran two miles on the treadmill.


Saturday was a Rest Day.

Sunday was a 5k race on the training plan. Since I did not sign up for a race, I ran the 5k fast around the neighborhood. I got my fastest 5k time ever! 🙂

I love how Smashrun shows me my stats and lists all my similar runs. This was my fastest 3mi ever, fastest 5k ever, fastest run in 3 months, fastest mile split in 3 months, and fastest km split in 3 months. Smashrun syncs the data from my Garmin.


How did your week go?