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Workouts Recap (10/12-10/18)

This was recovery week 2, post marathon. I’ve been taking it easy and am starting to get lazy lol. Sleep is good. I’m not following a schedule since I haven’t signed up for any races for the rest of the year. I plan to pick it up this week. But here’s what I did last week: 

Monday – I did PiYo Core. It’s been a while since I’ve done that one and I had a great core workout.

I also had fun jumping with the kiddos for #JumpJoyMonday for the #SweatPink #FitFamily #BOSUChallenge.Tuesday – Rest Day, slept in. I didn’t feel like getting up early before work.

Wednesday – Ran 3 morning miles before work.Also, did airplanes with my little guy as well as got in our best bird dog for the #BOSUChallenge. Thursday – Rest Day. It was #FitFamily plank day for the #BOSUChallenge. This is how we planked it out.

 Friday – Ran 5 miles while the kiddo was in preschool. It was also #ForearmFriday!

 Saturday – Ran 5 easy treadmill miles.  Sunday – Rest Day.

It was an okay week. It was fun doing the #FitFamily #BOSUchallenge. The kiddos did great! 🙂 How’d your week go? Hope you have a fantastic week!

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Post Marathon – Workouts Recap (10/5-10/11)

This was recovery week after the marathon. If you missed my recap of my first marathon, you can read it HERE. Boy was I stiff on Monday! My legs were definitely feeling it at the joints and I was walking funny. I’m glad it only lasted a day. I probably should have followed some sort of recovery plan but here’s what I did last week:

Monday – Just walked/waddled and took it easy.I did get a #JumpJoyMonday in for the #SweatPink BOSU challenge lol.  Tuesday – I did a few minutes of cycling.
Then did some tricep dips for #TricepTuesday.  Wednesday – I did some planking for the #SweatPink BOSU challenge. I was side planking and my little guy had something else in mind. He’s like do this and I was like, ok lol.
In the evening I did some easy cycling.  Thursday – I decided to do some yoga and did P90X3’s Yoga.
Friday –  First run after the marathon, 3 treadmill miles. Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Rest Day

It’s been an easy recovery week. I don’t have any races scheduled for the rest of the year but am thinking of signing up for a holiday run or something. It’s a bit weird not having a schedule to follow, which I was so accustomed to with marathon training. But I just found a marathon recovery plan from Hal Higdon that I might use as a guide:

Post Marathon Training: Intermediate
1 Cross 30 min 3 m run 3 x mile (mar pace) 3 m run Rest 30 min tempo 45-75 min run
2 Cross 30-40 min 4 m run 3 x mile (10-K pace) 4 m run Rest 35 min tempo 60-90 min run
3 Cross 30-50 min 5 m run 3 x mile (5-K pace) 5 m run Rest 40 min tempo 90 min run
4 Cross 30-60 min 5 m run 30 min tempo 3 m run Rest Rest Race

How’d your week go? Here’s to a great week ahead!
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