Post Marathon – Workouts Recap (10/5-10/11)

This was recovery week after the marathon. If you missed my recap of my first marathon, you can read it HERE. Boy was I stiff on Monday! My legs were definitely feeling it at the joints and I was walking funny. I’m glad it only lasted a day. I probably should have followed some sort of recovery plan but here’s what I did last week:

Monday – Just walked/waddled and took it easy.I did get a #JumpJoyMonday in for the #SweatPink BOSU challenge lol.  Tuesday – I did a few minutes of cycling.
Then did some tricep dips for #TricepTuesday.  Wednesday – I did some planking for the #SweatPink BOSU challenge. I was side planking and my little guy had something else in mind. He’s like do this and I was like, ok lol.
In the evening I did some easy cycling.  Thursday – I decided to do some yoga and did P90X3’s Yoga.
Friday –  First run after the marathon, 3 treadmill miles. Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Rest Day

It’s been an easy recovery week. I don’t have any races scheduled for the rest of the year but am thinking of signing up for a holiday run or something. It’s a bit weird not having a schedule to follow, which I was so accustomed to with marathon training. But I just found a marathon recovery plan from Hal Higdon that I might use as a guide:

Post Marathon Training: Intermediate
1 Cross 30 min 3 m run 3 x mile (mar pace) 3 m run Rest 30 min tempo 45-75 min run
2 Cross 30-40 min 4 m run 3 x mile (10-K pace) 4 m run Rest 35 min tempo 60-90 min run
3 Cross 30-50 min 5 m run 3 x mile (5-K pace) 5 m run Rest 40 min tempo 90 min run
4 Cross 30-60 min 5 m run 30 min tempo 3 m run Rest Rest Race

How’d your week go? Here’s to a great week ahead!
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18 thoughts on “Post Marathon – Workouts Recap (10/5-10/11)

  1. I already signed up for a race about 6 weeks after my marathon. I am afraid of having everything just stop, after so many months of training, so I wanted to have another goal to look forward to. Have a great week.


  2. I kind of wanted to do another half this year, but I think Mr. Judy has had his fill.

    I’m so impressed that you ran already! My half was hard enough, I’d be a basket case after a full.

    I do like to always have something on my schedule, even though I don’t race that often.


  3. There will be no running this week! Well, maybe a virtual 5k on Saturday. If the legs feel ok, I’ll run it slow, otherwise I will walk. Like you, I have no other races planned this year. I have another marathon (Big Sur) in April, so I want to save my legs for that.


  4. I have so many races planned for after my marathon it’s not even funny! Most all of them were already planned before I signed up for the marathon…. yea what was I thinking??? Hoping I can stay healthy to do them all! Enjoy your week and thanks for linking up with us!


  5. Sounds like your recovery is going pretty well! My worst recovery was after Marine Corps Marathon in 2013 when I couldn’t walk down the stairs without doing it backwards for 3 days! Enjoy some unstructured training! Congrats!


  6. You had a great race and deserve that recovery! I have heard some people do their training plan taper in reverse for a recovery plan. But that seems like too many miles to me. You are smart to take it easy and listen to your body. Your little guy is so cute helping you with your planks. I appreciate you linking up with us!


  7. Looks like a great week of recovery! I had post marathon blues after my first full. You’ve spent four months training, now what? It’s great that you’re looking ahead to other races to keep you motivated.


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