CIM Training Week 7 and Weekly Wrap (8/28-9/3)

Another week down. 13 weeks to go until I run my fourth marathon in December. August ended nicely with 157 miles for the month. IMG_8256I can’t believe it’s already September. It will be back to school for the kiddos on Tuesday. Seems like time is flying. I’ll have a fourth grader and first grader now. But here’s what last week’s workouts looked like from Coach Dawn‘s plan:

Monday – Started the week off with an early morning intervals run. Workout was: 1.5 miles easy,
8 x 1 min moderate-hard/1 min easy,
1-1.5 miles easy.
It was a tough one, but good. Harder when I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the intervals. But I got it done. Ended up with 5.02 miles, avg. pace 8:47.IMG_8186Tuesday – Workout was an easy 4-5 miles. I ran 4.1 miles, avg. pace 9:24.IMG_8198Wednesday – Had a good run. Workout was: 1.5 miles easy w/ 3x strides towards end.
2 miles 8:00-8:15.
1-1.5 miles easy.
Felt great and ended up going faster on the fast 2 miles.FullSizeRender 116Thursday – Schedule said 1:05-1:10 easy and comfortable run. I ran easy and comfortably for 1:07:28. Ended up with 7.4 miles, avg. pace 9:07.IMG_8248Friday – Ran 45 minutes at recovery pace. Came out to be 4.69 miles, avg. pace 9:36.IMG_8274Saturday – Had a good 14 mile long run. Workout was:
7 miles easy/comfortable
7 miles 8:45-8:55.
Felt great on the last 7 miles and came in a little faster. Before the run I had a Mango Health Warrior Chia Bar for breakfast and a little later about 1.5 scoops of UCAN that powered me the whole run. I just had Nuun to hydrate again like last week.IMG_8353Sunday – Rest day.

Total miles = 40.21 miles. You know when you get in that groove and don’t realize how fast you’re going. That’s what it was like on Sunday’s long run. The last seven miles went fast. Marathon training is going well. Still hard to get up early especially on work days but I get it done. On Saturday, I’ll be pacing at the Oregon Fall Half Marathon starting at St. Josef’s Winery in Canby, OR. Should be fun.

As for the other highlights of the week:

Just like last week, my oldest wanted to go to another museum so we went to the Evergreen Air and Space Museum. We’ve been here before but it was nice to revisit courtesy of our library’s cultural passes. Cool to see the Spruce Goose.IMG_8318 (1)


We also went to Target and my oldest was like, there’s an app you can download for the Star Wars cut outs. I was surprised to see what happened and it was pretty cool. You could get pictures with the holograms. 🙂


Oh, and did you see the new AfterShokz headphones that are now available for pre order? They are called the Trekz Air. I love the Trekz Titanium and the new version sounds amazing. They are 20% lighter and weigh only 1.06 oz. You can check them out here:’d your week go? What do you think about the Trekz Air? Did you see the new Star Wars stuff? Any races coming up?

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There’s a new Guest Host Series for the Weekly Wrap to give Holly and Tricia a break. This week’s host is Montana from Pretty Lil Mudder Be sure to check her out.I’m also linking up with Courtney, Eat Pray Run DC‘s training recap linkup.

21 thoughts on “CIM Training Week 7 and Weekly Wrap (8/28-9/3)

  1. Oh gosh…all of that Star Wars stuff would totally have gotten my son’s attention! Even though he’s 20 years old now, he was huge into Star Wars a few years ago and understands the story line (and characters) way more than his dear “old” mom LOL


  2. Awesome week of training! Finishing those last 7 miles so strong must have felt amazing! And the new Aftershokz look great!


  3. Great week! 13 weeks to go, wow, doesn’t seem long! 🙂 How cool about the Star wars app thing at Target! Had no idea. I will have to download it for the boys! The museum you went to looks neat!


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