2017 Oregon Spring Half Marathon Recap

The Oregon Spring Half Marathon took place in St. Paul, OR. It started and finished at Heirloom Roses, a beautiful garden and nursery. I’ve run this one a couple of times now and was happy to get the opportunity to pace this race again for the 2:15 pace group. Here’s a pre race pic of most of the pacers:

Photo Credit: Greg Leblanc

I’m so grateful to be a part of this awesome group of pacers!

According to my Garmin data, it was 59*F, so it was warm. The race started just a few minutes past 7:30 am and we were off. Here are pics I took along the course:FullSizeRender 75It’s a nice course through the countryside. FullSizeRender 80Passing through farmland, it’s pretty flat except for one hill.FullSizeRender 66FullSizeRender 76The hill is the pic above. You get to go up it and then back down on the way back. It’s not too bad.FullSizeRender 79FullSizeRender 67The only bad thing about this course is that there isn’t much shade. It got hot fast. The organizers were ready and had cold towels at some of the water stations which was awesome.FullSizeRender 74On the way back we passed by a group of bikers.

At the end there’s a cool rose tunnel you run through to the finish line.

Photo Credit: Uberthons

It’s always fun to pace. Most of the people that were with us in the beginning went ahead of us. My Garmin had me at 13.07 miles and a time of 2:14:34. My official time was 2:14:30. I’d call that a pacing success. IMG_5218Uberthons puts on great races and this race was no exception. The volunteers at the aid stations were great. The ice cold towels were a plus. Check out the medal. It’s huge!IMG_5250Besides the normal water that is handed out there was fresh lemonade. The post race food was awesome from Qdoba. There was also watermelon but it ran out fast.


We also got a nice shirt.


Here’s a pic in front of their cool backdrop.FullSizeRender 73

It was another great race and experience pacing. I’ll be pacing the 2:15 group at the Oregon Summer Half Marathon on the Banks Vernonia Trail on July 22nd. Hope to see you there!


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