Recovery Week after the Vernonia Marathon and Weekly Wrap

Monday – Rest day.
Tuesday – Rest day.
Wednesday – Rest day.
Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – Rest day.
Saturday – Rest day.

Sunday – Ran 2.0 early miles.001
I decided to take a week off after the Vernonia Marathon. My right IT band was bothering me after the marathon but I wasn’t as sore as I’d thought I would be. I was happy I wasn’t wobbling at work on Monday and I could still go up/down the stairs like normal. By Tuesday, I didn’t feel the pain in my IT band when I walked so that was good. I guess it wasn’t a full week off since I ran on Sunday. But it was nice taking a break after 20 weeks of marathon training. All that hard work and training sure did pay off. You can read my recap of the Vernonia Marathon where I got an awesome PR and my first BQ by clicking on my finish line pic below.

Photo from ORRC

I did get some walking in here and there. I walked to the park while my little guy rode his bike.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter! IMG_3817

How’d your week go? Any races coming up?

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12 thoughts on “Recovery Week after the Vernonia Marathon and Weekly Wrap

  1. Congratulations on that finish time and BQ! You should be so proud and still floating around on cloud nine! You worked hard and it certainly paid off on race day. Your body deserves a nice break. I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family! Thanks for linking, Sherry!


  2. Glad your IT band feels better! So awesome you are feeling good after such a fast marathon! Your training and hard work definitely paid off! Hope to see you at CIM!! 🙂


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