Chicago Marathon Training Week 12 and Weekly Wrap (8/22-8/27)

Just six weeks to go until the Chicago Marathon! It was a cut back week so I’d say it was a good week. 🙂 Here’s what I did from Coach Dawn’s plan:

Monday: Rest day after 18 miles on Sunday.

Tuesday: Plan- 4-5 miles recovery pace (9:26-10:09). Ran an early 4.3 miles at 9:50 avg. pace.Wednesday: Plan- Short Intervals + Short Tempo, 10 minute warm up with a couple strides, then
4 x 30 seconds fast (6:50-7:20 ish), then 2 minute easy, then
10 minute tempo- (pace 7:51-8:06)
10 minute easy cool down

My 4 x 30 sec. paces (6:41, 6:43, 6:31, 6:46). 10 min tempo paces(7:52, 7:50). It was a good workout and I was happy with my paces.Thursday: Plan- Rest or cross train, or 30 min at recovery pace. I did P90X3 Dynamix, a good recovery workout with dynamic stretches and strengthening exercises.Friday: Plan-Comfortable 5-6 miles. Ran a nice 6.01 miles.Saturday: Plan-1 hour on hills or trails if possible.
Forest Park, or other rolling trails would be good. If not, just an easy hour is fine. Took Coach’s advice and ran in Forest Park. I’m glad she recommended it because the trail I ran on, the Wildwood trail, was great. I got a good workout with the hills. I can’t believe that trail is 30 miles long! There are other trails in the park too. I’ll definitely go back. Sunday: Plan- Rest or easy cross train. Rest day.

Total miles = 20.19 miles. It was a good recovery week and training seems to be going well still. The marathon is creeping up, I can’t believe it’s only six weeks away. I also have a half marathon coming up in two weeks. Things are coming up fast and I’m getting excited. I tend to not think about races too much until they are much closer. This blog is a great way to keep track of how soon things are coming lol. Work, workouts, family and house stuff have kept me pretty occupied and to think about racing/race logistics right now is too much.

Nothing too eventful happened during the week. My 5 year old did have a Kindergarten assessment/parent meeting and I thought this good-bye sign was cute.wp-image-1341637078jpg.jpgWe also went to the park a bunch of times. There’s a Pokemon gym and some Poke stops there. Anyone else still playing Pokemon Go?wp-image-1721242682jpg.jpg

How was your week? Any races coming up? I’m looking forward to my next race, the Oregon Fall Half Marathon.

I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.WeeklyWrap

I’m also linking up with Courtney at who has a Chicago Marathon training recap link up.

15 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 12 and Weekly Wrap (8/22-8/27)

  1. Great week of running. That trail looks amazing. We have nothing like that here!

    I always say goodbye to my little patients: “See ya later, sweet potater” or “Bye bye french fry” “cause I’m corny like that…

    I just captured Pikachu this week! That’s all I’m sayin’.


  2. Isn’t Chicago coming quickly now? EEK. Your training is going great. We are opposite with our long weeks and recovery weeks. The Sprint Tri I did threw me off. Running that trail sounds like a great way to mix it up. 30 miles is a long trail too. That’s a cute goodbye sign. Thanks for linking, Sherry.


  3. Nice week! I enjoyed the cutback week too! Forest park looks like a great place to run! I remember going there a few times to hike. I can’t believe Chicago is just 6 weeks away! 🙂


  4. Boy that Chicago is really getting here fast, 6 more weeks huh? Still haven’t found the desire to chase Pokemon yet but who knows. Cute saying for goodbyes too! Hope you have a great week!


  5. That trail looks lovely – what is your weather like? I’m so excited about Chicago – I am counting down my hard workouts that I have left 🙂 Only 8 more after this morning’s run! Thanks for linking up!


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