Chicago Marathon Training Week 13 and Weekly Wrap (8/28-9/4)

Training week 13 is completed! Another week is in the books and there’s only 5 weeks to go until the Chicago Marathon. I have a half coming up this weekend and I’m getting a bit excited. I’m hoping my marathon training which has been going well, will help get me a PR this weekend. 🙂 Coach Dawn has been giving me nice speed workouts which I’m not used to but am enjoying. Here’s what I did last week:

Monday: Plan- Easy pace 8:43-9:19 with 4 strides, 4-5 miles. I ran 5.0 early miles at avg. 8:55 pace. Felt good.Tuesday: Plan-10 minute warm up with a couple strides, then
4 x 6 minutes with 3 minute recovery in between.
Pace on intervals- 7:36-7:54
Can add one more if you are feeling good and have time. I was nervous about this one but did great and I felt good enough to add one more. Ran 5 x 6 minute intervals (7:52, 7:45, 7:42, 7:36, 7:36).Wednesday: Plan- 4-5 miles recovery pace. I ran 4.55 easy miles. Thursday: Plan-Rest day. Took a rest day. Happy to sleep in! 🙂

Friday: Plan- Comfortable 5-6 miles. I ran 6.01 miles.Saturday: Plan- Long run + Fartlek. 10 miles easy, then 8 X 30 seconds at around 7:50-8:10 pace with 2-3 minute recoveries, then easy 15 minutes. Felt pretty good and went faster than the interval paces. It was hard to dial it in since the intervals were short. But I had a great workout. I just realized I only did 7 x 30 sec and I must have programmed it wrong on my watch, oh wells. My 7 x 30 sec paces were: (7:21, 7:10, 6:36, 7:11, 7:26, 7:25, 7:12).Sunday: Plan- Rest day. Rest day.

Total miles = 35.99 miles. Marathon training is coming along. I ran 149 miles in August, my highest monthly mileage this year.Next weekend is the Oregon Fall Half Marathon which I’ve paced in the past. I’m hoping to PR, so anything better than 1:49:23 and I’ll be happy. 🙂

On to other highlights of the week:

I went to Cook Park for the first time with the kiddos. It’s a pretty big park with lots of trails around it. There was even a butterfly garden.

We played Pokemon Go and finally caught a Charmander. 🙂wp-1473034441232.pngThere was also a nice playground. My 5 yr old loves the swings.wp-image-1100347857jpg.jpgWe also went to my kiddos’ Ice Cream Social. School is starting on Tuesday for my 8 yr old and kindergartners start on Thursday. Exciting times especially for my new kindergartner. 🙂wp-image-240182670jpg.jpgWe went to Ikea and Home Depot for house stuff. The kiddos enjoyed seeing all the Halloween stuff at Home Depot. Can you believe it’s almost Halloween?wp-image-1667372635jpg.jpgHow was your week? Any races coming up? I’m looking forward to my next race, the Oregon Fall Half Marathon.

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I’m also linking up with Courtney at who has a Chicago Marathon training recap link up.

8 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 13 and Weekly Wrap (8/28-9/4)

  1. I think you’ll crush that PR! You’ve continually done great with your prescribed speed work and nailed those paces. I can’t believe your school is just now starting. My youngest has been back for almost a month now. I noticed the Halloween stuff in the stores just this week. It’s feels too early. I guess the Christmas decorations will be next. Thanks for linking, Sherry!


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