Chicago Marathon Training Week 11 and Weekly Wrap (8/15-8/21)

Another marathon training week is complete! The Chicago Marathon is about 7 weeks away! I can’t believe it’s getting close. It was quite an eventful week. Work was busy, family came down on Tuesday night and we also went up to the Seattle area again for the weekend. I still got my training in. Getting up early is the norm now. Sunrise is getting later and I even had to break out my headlamp. But here’s what I did from Coach Dawn’s plan:


Plan: Easy 4-5 miles with a few strides (8:27-9:28). Ran a nice 4.35 miles, avg. pace 9:04.img_20160815_061303.jpgTuesday:

Plan: 4-5 miles at marathon pace(8:20-8:46). Ran 5 miles (8:27, 8:20, 8:18, 8:18, 8:22). Felt pretty good.img_20160816_061913.jpgWednesday: Plan: Cross train, rest or 30 min easy . Rest day.


Plan: 10 minute warm up with a few strides, and 10 minute cool down
Steady State 45 minutes- Pace 7:52-8:12
Target heart rate range is around 144-166, if sustaining 170s back it down to 8:00-8:30. This one was tough and I struggled especially at the end. Paces in the 45 min were (8:06, 8:16, 8:00, 8:13, 8:20, 8:38).img_20160818_164234.jpgFriday: Plan: Rest, easy 30 min, or cross training. Rest day.

Saturday: Plan: 35-45 min easy and 5 strides. Ran 5.01 miles, avg pace 9:40. img_20160820_073650.jpgRan on the Burke Gilman trail with my sister. Easy runs are great to catch Pokemon. 😛img_20160820_132643.jpgSunday: Ran 18.01 miles, my longest run so far this year. It was great to run this long one with my sis.img_20160821_104548.jpgWe were twinning with our shoes. 🙂wp-image-1374225350jpg.jpgTotal miles = 39.83 miles. This was my highest mileage week so far. I think things are still going good with everything that’s been going on. I still need to unpack a bunch of stuff after moving. Slowly but surely that will get done, haha.

On to the other week’s highlights:

On Thursday, we went to Cannon Beach. It was great! The kiddos had fun with their cousins.

On Saturday, we were back in WA and had a good time at Kayak Point.

Sunday we celebrated my parents’ belated wedding anniversary at Ivar’s Salmon House. We had such a delicious brunch. Good thing I ran 18 miles before that, haha. It was so great everyone could come together.

It was a wonderful week. How’d your week go? Any races coming up? I’m looking forward to my next race, the Oregon Fall Half Marathon. I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.WeeklyWrap

10 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 11 and Weekly Wrap (8/15-8/21)

  1. It was pretty awesome running with you especially that long run! Gonna miss that, but I’m excited to see you again in Chicago! The boys miss Trevor and Josh.


  2. Chicago is coming up quickly, isn’t it? Great job on your training and hitting your paces this week. In our steamy weather, it’s all I can do just to get the mileage in. Running long with Sharon had to be so much fun (and distracting!). I bet those miles just flew by. Congrats on your highest mileage week so far. Thanks for linking, Sherry!


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