Chicago Marathon Training Week 6 and Weekly Wrap (7/11-7/17)

Chicago Marathon training is going well so far and week 6 was a very busy week! From having to find childcare quickly, closing on our new home, and moving…there was so much to do and not enough time. But I squeezed my workouts in early. I usually feel better after a run and feel glad that I got my workouts done. Here’s what I did last week from Coach Dawn‘s plan:

Monday – I had my first ever hill workout on the treadmill. It was tough but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Time went by fast and I think it went pretty good. I was able to program the workout into my treadmill which made it so much easier.

It consisted of: 10 min easy warm up on 1% incline.
with couple strides at the end 1 minute cool down, then..
1 minute at 3% incline
1 minute easy recovery, 1% incline
1 minute at 4% incline
2 minute easy recovery 1% incline
2 sets of 30-40 seconds at 6% with an 8 second sprint 2 minute easy recovery in between
1 minute at 3% incline
15 minute easy cool down at 1%.

wp-image-2041992951jpg.jpgTuesday – Recovery run 4-5 miles at 9:48-10:33 pace. I ended up running 4 miles at 9:56.img_20160712_074720.jpgWednesday – Medium long-easy run. 7-8 miles, pace around 8:43-9:43
4-5 strides in the middle to end and 3-4 drills after run. I ran 7.01 miles at avg pace of 8:55.img_20160713_081240.jpgThursday – Rest Day

Friday -Fartlek run. 10 minute warm up with a couple strides, then easy 2 minutes, then-
8 x 40 seconds at 6:42-7:54 pace with 1.5-2 minute recovery, then- 2 x 2 minutes at 7:41-8:00 pace with 1 minute recovery, then- Easy running until 6-7 miles. Ended up with 6.55 miles.img_20160715_074337.jpgSaturday – Progression run. 10-11 miles- Comfortable pace with the last 2.5 miles at around marathon pace. (8:35-8:58). Last 2 miles were 8:38 and 8:33.img_20160717_064907.jpg

Sunday – Rest day.

Total Miles = 31.41 miles. So I ran a good amount of miles. I think my paces were good on my workouts so I’m pretty happy about how things are going so far.

So besides workouts, I had to find childcare for the kiddos when hubby and I both are at work for the rest of the Summer. We got short notice that our neighbor could no longer do it. I was able to find an affordable place but it was a bit stressful and I had to take two days off from work. We also had to pack. We closed on our new house on Tuesday and got the keys on Thursday. So much packing and moving… On Saturday, the last day of moving I didn’t realize how many times I went up and down the stairs. I ended up getting the roller coaster badge on Fitbit.I’m a bit overwhelmed on all the unpacking we have to do. You don’t realize how much stuff you have until you move. We were in our old house for almost 12 years. I’ll be busy for a while. But we did have fun finding Pokemon throughout the week too, haha.

How’d your week go? I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.WeeklyWrap

10 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 6 and Weekly Wrap (7/11-7/17)

  1. We’ve been having fun finding Pokemon too! I”m surprised at how much my oldest son and his friends are looking for them. I figured he’d be too cynical!

    Great week of training–I can’t believe you got all those miles in, even with moving.


  2. Way to get all of your workouts in with such a busy week! Wow, I’m glad you were able to find childcare pretty fast. Congrats on your new place! Looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday! 🙂


  3. Congrats on the house! Now comes the not so fun part of unpacking right?

    That is cool that you can program your hill workouts on your treadmill. I’ve had to manually adjust each time and it was a pain but yet still doable. Just of of curiosity but do you wear your Garmin when you run indoors on a treadmill?


    1. Thanks Zenaida! Yes, still have to unpack so much stuff and it’s not fun. I do wear my Garmin when I run indoors on the treadmill. It has an internal accelerometer that tracks everything.


  4. What a crazy week you had with moving and finding childcare! I know you’ll be happy when you feel more settled in your new place. Don’t stress over the unpacking. Do what you can, when you can. I’m so impressed you still got your marathon training done! Way to nail those paces. Thanks for linking, Sherry!


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