Five Favorite Race Medals

Most races give out medals. Who doesn’t love the bling? For this week’s Friday Five favorites post, I’ve decided to share my five favorite race medals so far. It was hard to pick out just five but here are the ones that stood out most to me:

  1. Seattle Half Marathon 2009 medal. This one is significant because this was my very first half marathon. My sister got me to run it and I ran it even when I was having knee issues. I ran/walked this one. It is a nice simple medal and I like how there are inscriptions on the front and back.
  2. Inaugural Rock’n’Roll Portland Half Marathon 2012 medal. This was my first Rock’n’Roll race and I loved the crowds and music along the way. I ended up running this Rock’n’Roll race every year until this year when I found that it’s no longer offered. Sad that there isn’t a Rock’n’Roll in Portland now. Love the roses, bridge, and Mt. Hood graphics on this medal!
  3. Uberthons Halloweenathon 10k 2014 medal. This medal is cool! The skeleton’s eyes light up and the skeleton glows in the dark. The circular part where it says 2014 is also a pin that comes off that you can wear separately. It’s also pretty big and heavy which Uberthons medals are known for. Here’s my recap, Halloweenathon 10k.
  4. NYC Half Marathon 2015 medal. Love the detailing on this medal with the cityscape! This is also a memorable one since this was a lottery race and my sister and I both got in. It’s an awesome race to run through New York City and I PR’d! This is still my half marathon PR. The energy running through Times Square was amazing! Here’s my race recap, NYC Half Marathon 2015.
  5. Portland Marathon 2015 medal. This medal is really nice with all the intricate detailing. It has a cool big rose on one side. This medal’s significant because it was my first full marathon. It sure was a memorable one. Here’s my recap, Portland Marathon 2015.

Do you have a favorite race medal?

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22 thoughts on “Five Favorite Race Medals

  1. I love posts about favorite medals. They all hold such special memories. My first half and full definitely are up there but I also really love some others – RnR Dublin which I ran with my Mom, and the Surf-n-Santa 5 miler which I ran with my now husband (our first race together).


  2. Oh I love the Portland medal!! It’s so pretty and intricate. My favorite is from the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon. It has long’s peak on it and a quote by John Muir on the back.


  3. Always fun to see other’s favorite medals…we enjoy our bling collection too, my wife’s site name was loosely inspired by our medals! I have 2012 version of the Seattle one and the 2014 version of RnR Portland. My personal favorite right now is my 2015 Chicago marathon…not necessarily the best in the collection in terms of looks but great memories of a fabulous race and the first (and only) time I finally broke 4 hours. The RnR ones are all really cool though and we have several from Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver.


  4. All of those are very nice! I’m so impressed that the eyes on the skeleton light up. That is way cool! I think some of my favorites may be due to the experience itself, and not so much the medal design.


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