Halloweenathon 10k Race Recap 10/25/2014

The Halloweenathon, put on by Uberthons was a fun one that offered 5k, 10k, and 15k race options. I decided to do the 10k a while back since I felt 6.2 miles is a great manageable distance. This race was also my first Official 10k race. I’ve run virtual 10ks and other distances but not an official timed 10k race until this one.

The race took place at Meriwether National Golf Club in Hillsboro, OR and this was a first for me to get to run on a golf course. It was a cloudy day out and had been raining a lot the days beforehand. It was great that it wasn’t raining during the race but it was nice and muddy on the course, which made for a tougher run and super muddy shoes at the end. According to my Garmin data, it was 54 degrees F. out, which felt fine.IMG_9386.JPG

Here’s a pic at the start line, before the race. It was pretty cool seeing people dressed up. I decided to wear my husband’s Captain America compression shirt, since it fit, to be in the Halloween spirit and somewhat dress up.


Here’s a shot with gals from the Hillsboro chapter of Moms Run This Town before the race.

The course was a 3.1 mile loop. So if you ran the 5k race you would only do one lap. Since I was doing the 10k, I ran two laps. Below are pictures, my husband took as I was finishing the first lap.


IMG_9404It was different running in the grass and getting my feet soaked in mud lol. But it made for a fun an interesting run. The course was nice and flat. I did pretty well despite the muddy run. I’m glad there were some asphalt parts which were golf cart paths, and that the whole course wasn’t muddy.

Here I am heading toward the finish.IMG_9437.JPG

Here’s a pic at the Finish Line with my medal.IMG_9373.JPG

Below is the printout of my time. I was happy to find out that I got third out of all the females that ran the 10k!!IMG_9382.JPGI had to take a pic by the 10k sign lol.IMG_9378.JPG

Some pics of course heading toward the finish.IMG_9391.JPG



After the race, there was a nacho bar. I had to leave early since my husband had to go to work so I didn’t partake in the after race festivities. But I thought this was a fun race to run. I love the medal, so heavy, big, and the skeleton glows in the dark. The skeleton’s eyes light up too. Uberthons gives out great medals! The circular part where it says 2014, is also a pin that comes off that you can wear separately.



Have you ran a Halloween race? Did you dress up?

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18 thoughts on “Halloweenathon 10k Race Recap 10/25/2014

  1. Nice 3rd place finish! I’ve never run a race in costume – fear of being uncomfortable. But you made it work with the compression shirt! Just need to think outside of the box I suppose 🙂


  2. Wow 3rd place, congratulations!
    I’ve never placed in any race 😢😢

    That’s a cool medal wah what glow in the dark!

    Great recap, thanks for sharing.


  3. Great job and GREAT TIME but then again – you are my pace shero!!!! I ran in a grapevine last year and I think I prefer pavement. LOL I have never run in a costume. I did have some glowy stuff on at the Electric Run which I ran this year though. Does that count? #wowlinkup


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