Portland Marathon Training Week 9 – Workouts Recap (8/10-8/16)

Training for my first marathon is still going well. I got my longest run to date done on Saturday, 18 miles. Given, it was split up a little since I ran some of it outside and then tried to immediately get on the treadmill to get the other 8 in. It’s still 18 miles :P. Also, it’s still a pain to get up early before work to run, but I’ve managed. Here’s what last week looked like:

Monday – Cross training day. It’s been a while since I’ve done Tabata Strength and I paid the price afterwards. My arms, especially my triceps were really sore for a couple of days.

Tuesday – I ran five morning miles.

Wednesday – This was a hot and sweaty evening run. I don’t usually run in the evenings but I decided to sleep in and run after hubby came home from work.

Thursday – I decided to do Pulse from Insanity Max:30. It’s the recovery workout from the program. I like how it’s only 20 minutes.

Friday – Ran 8 morning miles. Saturday – Ran 10 early morning miles. I started a little after 5 am and was home before hubby went to work. Then I quickly hopped on the treadmill to get the last 8 miles in. Netflix is a must for when you’re on the treadmill, lol.

I’m happy to say that the 18 miles went well. I wasn’t dying at the end so that’s good. My legs did feel a little weird coming off the treadmill though.

Sunday – Rest Day. I thought I was going to be really sore, but it was nice that I wasn’t. I think my recovery drink and my compression socks really help.

Here’s a summary of what Hal Higdon’s plan had scheduled and what I did:
Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 8.00.03 PM
Next week, mileage decreases and gives time to let my legs recover for what’s ahead. After next week will be the challenge of 20 miles.

How’d your week go? Training for something? Any races coming up?

3 thoughts on “Portland Marathon Training Week 9 – Workouts Recap (8/10-8/16)

  1. Another benefit of cumulative fatigue is that it allows you to fit in all of your key workouts, thus maximizing physiological gains during training. Long runs of 20 miles or more require a couple days of recovery, which limits how many workouts you can do in the following week.


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