#Earthathon – a Virtual Relay Around the Earth

earthathonWho wants to join a fun event on Twitter that involves running, walking, jogging or hiking? Join Earthathon, a virtual relay around the earth. It is currently on its inaugural lap around the approximate circumference of the earth, 25,000 miles. As of this post Earthathoners from around the world have traveled 20,294.4 of 25,000 miles, getting close to finishing the first lap.

Earthathon was created by @GoRunHappy as a way to motivate others to exercise regularly. It’s picked up and for 2015, he’s set up ten teams to run a relay around the earth. The teams will combine and complete a total of 250,000 miles, which is the approximate distance to the moon. There will be ten teams but they are just a part of the bigger picture of “One Team, One Planet.” Once a team finishes their leg of the relay, they will help the other teams. When all teams have finished, they will have accomplished finishing a 250,000 mile relay. How cool is that?

Here is the list of the ten teams:earthathon2015teams-toshare

I was honored to be chosen to be a team captain of one of the ten teams :). My team is #RunderfulRunners which consists of my awesome Co-Leaders: @shanks324 and @runninrocker.

Do you want to be a part of Earthathon? It’s really easy to join. All you need is a Twitter account and just tweet your miles and add #earthathon and the hashtag of the team you pick. Then fill out a quick form HERE so that your miles are logged (password is run).

You can pick the team you want to run for HERE.

Do you want be a part of a virtual relay around the earth? Join earthathon today! 🙂

For more info, go to the Official page http://earthathonrelay.com/.

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