Running comparison from last year

Running comparison from last year

I was taking a look at my running times from last year and my times have really improved this year!! I was running more last year at this time because I did the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in Washington D.C. That was a fun race, especially since I got to visit my twin sister! But if you look at my times from last year, I was running an average mile in nine minutes something. I ran fast in the Cherry Blossom Race at 8:42 min/mile but other than that I was mostly above nine minutes. This year I’m running less than nine minute miles which I’m stoked about!! It’s pretty awesome!! I’m in the best shape ever due to doing P90X3 as well as working out with Focus T25 beforehand! I can’t wait to see what time I’ll get on my half marathon coming up in May.

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