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Last week’s recap.

Here’s a recap of last week’s half marathon training workouts. It started with a five mile run on Wednesday. My schedule was off because of running my long run on Monday instead of Sunday due to traveling and then Tuesday was a rest day. I got Wednesday’s run done early and had a good  five mile run. I had to get it done earlier than normal since I knew the day was going to be busy. After my kiddo’s Kindergarten celebration, we were traveling again so I knew I had to get my run done early since it would be hard to get it done later.


Then on Thursday, I did 10 x 400s. I worked out with my sister, which was nice! It’s been a long time since I last ran with her and she’s going to be running the Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon too!20140616-100004-36004392.jpg

I ended up taking a rest day on Friday and then ran three miles on Saturday with my sister. I took a picture while running in the trail and here’s the result:20140616-100005-36005769.jpgI think it looks kinda cool.

Here’s me in my sis after the three mile run:20140616-100632-36392227.jpg

Then yesterday, Sunday long run day, we ran twelve miles! This was my first time running twelve miles being out of town so we were running a new route which was kind of fun. I took my camera out while running lol and took a selfie with my sis below:


Here’s a pic from on our route:20140616-100007-36007229.jpg

Here are some pics of my sister running:20140616-101843-37123944.jpg


Here we are, finished with the twelve mile run:20140616-100008-36008568.jpg

Only five more days until the Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half marathon! What’s your next race or event? Leave a comment below. 🙂

Recap of last week’s workouts

Here’s the recap of last week’s workouts for my half marathon training. The event is coming close! It’s eleven days away. Last Monday, I took a rest day since I had ran 10 miles on Sunday. Tuesday was a scheduled 5 mile run and I ended up running 5.25 miles. We have a Max train and I don’t like stop running at the crossings when they come, so I usually turn and keep running. I also tried my new shoes and they felt pretty good, really cushy and comfortable.20140610-110202-39722722.jpg

On Wednesday, I did a 45 min tempo run. I ran easy for the first ten minutes, then picked it up for twent-five minutes, and then ran easy for the last ten minutes. 20140610-110203-39723120.jpg

On Thursday, I did some strength training by doing Focus T25’s Gamma Pyramid workout. It’s a great workout that uses weights!20140610-110203-39723490.jpg

Then later in the day when my husband came home I ran three miles.20140610-110203-39723860.jpg

I wasn’t able to do the rest of the workouts on Hal Higdon’s schedule since I was travelling for a wedding and then going back home, I couldn’t get my long run in.

I was able to do it yesterday. I ran eleven miles and had a good run except I found out my toes on my right foot still hurt after a while even with the wide toe box with my new shoes. I guess I’ll have to try something else. I’ve read there are metatarsal pads which I might try.

20140610-112133-40893144.jpgAnyone else deal with a Morton’s Neuroma? What do you do to help it?


Re-cap of this week’s workouts

I’m training for another half marathon in June, the Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon. It’s cool because I’ll be getting another medal once I finish the Seattle Half, the Pacific Peaks Medal. It should be cool to add to my collection! 🙂 So I’m still not following a particular workout program except the running one, Hal Higdon’s intermediate half marathon schedule. I’m having fun incorporating different Beachbody programs along with running.

Well, after my long run last Sunday, I decided to workout with my husband and did P90X3’s Decelerator Workout. I was a little concerned with my knee after my run on Sunday, but it felt fine when I was working out. I think it was just the new band I got. My knee has felt fine ever since I’ve stopped using it. But Decelerator is a great total body workout. I didn’t do all of the pull-ups  and chin ups since we only have one pull-up bar but still got a great workout. There was some squats, push-ups, lunges and of course other moves.


On Tuesday, I ran five miles. I’m taking it easy on the runs now, unless it specifies in the schedule to run differently since I read about the Jack Daniels training paces. You can read my previous blog post about it here.


On Wednesday, the plan said to do 9 x 400 at 5k pace. I don’t have a track nearby so I did my laps at the nearby soccer fields. I felt like I got a good workout. I did a lap and then walked a little in between laps.


On Thursday, Hal Higdon’s schedule was to do 3 miles plus strength. I did Focus T25’s Beta Rip’t Circuit and was planning to do 3 miles but didn’t get to it since my husband came home late. It’s hard to run during the day since there’s no one to watch the kids. But Beta Rip’t Circuit is a good strength workout, since weights are used.


Today, I decided to do Focus T25’s Dynamic Core workout. It’s a great workout and still tough for me at parts. My core still needs work.


Then this evening I made up the run I missed yesterday.


Tomorrow is a rest day and Sunday is supposed to be a race day, so I’ll be attempting race pace on Sunday.

Did you get your workouts in this week?