Recap of last week’s workouts

Here’s the recap of last week’s workouts for my half marathon training. The event is coming close! It’s eleven days away. Last Monday, I took a rest day since I had ran 10 miles on Sunday. Tuesday was a scheduled 5 mile run and I ended up running 5.25 miles. We have a Max train and I don’t like stop running at the crossings when they come, so I usually turn and keep running. I also tried my new shoes and they felt pretty good, really cushy and comfortable.20140610-110202-39722722.jpg

On Wednesday, I did a 45 min tempo run. I ran easy for the first ten minutes, then picked it up for twent-five minutes, and then ran easy for the last ten minutes. 20140610-110203-39723120.jpg

On Thursday, I did some strength training by doing Focus T25’s Gamma Pyramid workout. It’s a great workout that uses weights!20140610-110203-39723490.jpg

Then later in the day when my husband came home I ran three miles.20140610-110203-39723860.jpg

I wasn’t able to do the rest of the workouts on Hal Higdon’s schedule since I was travelling for a wedding and then going back home, I couldn’t get my long run in.

I was able to do it yesterday. I ran eleven miles and had a good run except I found out my toes on my right foot still hurt after a while even with the wide toe box with my new shoes. I guess I’ll have to try something else. I’ve read there are metatarsal pads which I might try.

20140610-112133-40893144.jpgAnyone else deal with a Morton’s Neuroma? What do you do to help it?


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