Last week’s recap.

Here’s a recap of last week’s half marathon training workouts. It started with a five mile run on Wednesday. My schedule was off because of running my long run on Monday instead of Sunday due to traveling and then Tuesday was a rest day. I got Wednesday’s run done early and had a good  five mile run. I had to get it done earlier than normal since I knew the day was going to be busy. After my kiddo’s Kindergarten celebration, we were traveling again so I knew I had to get my run done early since it would be hard to get it done later.


Then on Thursday, I did 10 x 400s. I worked out with my sister, which was nice! It’s been a long time since I last ran with her and she’s going to be running the Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon too!20140616-100004-36004392.jpg

I ended up taking a rest day on Friday and then ran three miles on Saturday with my sister. I took a picture while running in the trail and here’s the result:20140616-100005-36005769.jpgI think it looks kinda cool.

Here’s me in my sis after the three mile run:20140616-100632-36392227.jpg

Then yesterday, Sunday long run day, we ran twelve miles! This was my first time running twelve miles being out of town so we were running a new route which was kind of fun. I took my camera out while running lol and took a selfie with my sis below:


Here’s a pic from on our route:20140616-100007-36007229.jpg

Here are some pics of my sister running:20140616-101843-37123944.jpg


Here we are, finished with the twelve mile run:20140616-100008-36008568.jpg

Only five more days until the Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half marathon! What’s your next race or event? Leave a comment below. 🙂

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