Tunnel Light Marathon Training – Week 5 and Weekly Wrap (7/2-7/8)

Week 5 of marathon training was a nice cut back week. It’s always great to get some extra rest days, especially on work days so I don’t have to wake up as early. Here’s what last week looked like from Coach Dawn’s plan:IMG_4850Monday – Plan: 4 miles at recovery pace. Just an easy cruise.
Actual: Ran a nice and early 4 miles.IMG_4882Tuesday- Plan: 5 miles
5 x 15-20 second strides after 2 miles
Stop and do light stretch and a few drills before the strides. 

Actual: Ran it as planned and did the stretching and drills after the 2 miles. Then did the strides. Felt fine.

Wednesday – Plan: Rest day.
Actual: Rest day.IMG_4911Thursday – Plan: 2 miles easy
20 min tempo- 7:35-50
2 miles easy

Actual: Wasn’t sure about how I’d do on this one but it went well. Splits for the tempo were 7:40, 7:41, and 7:40.IMG_4945Friday – Plan: 30-35 minutes-recovery pace
Actual: Had a good 35 min recovery run.IMG_4995Saturday – Plan: Easy 10-11 with the last 5-10 minutes moderate to hard if you are feeling it.
Actual: Ran 11 miles and felt pretty good to pick it up at the last 10 min or so. Last mile split was 7:40.

Sunday –  Plan: Rest day.
Actual: Rest day.

Total miles = 30.31 miles. It was a great week. I like cut back weeks to recover. Still a good amount of miles and love the rest days 🙂 .

As for highlights of the rest of the weekIMG_5020I had to work on the July 4th but we had our little fireworks display at home.IMG_5019Sparklers are always fun.IMG_5015We went to the park and also their school to play some wall ball. 🙂IMG_0469 3We also went to see Ant-Man and the Wasp. I enjoyed the movie.

That pretty much wraps up my week. How’d your week go? Any races coming up?

I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and Wendy of Taking the Long Way Home  for the Weekly Wrap.

8 thoughts on “Tunnel Light Marathon Training – Week 5 and Weekly Wrap (7/2-7/8)

  1. As a nurse, I’ve always had to work holidays. It’s never easy with kids–I hated missing out. Looks like you were able to squeeze in some fun. Nice week of runs.


  2. What photo filter do you use? Those scenic shots are gorgeous! I love a cut back week. Early on in training they don’t feel like a big deal but I think it’s important to enjoy them because big miles are coming!!


  3. You had a great week of training! I don’t know why, but my kids were afraid of sparklers when they were little. They eventually grew out of it but never became huge fans of fireworks…or parades. I was always a little bummed by that. From your pictures, the weather looked beautiful this week. Thanks for linking!


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