Tunnel Light Marathon Training – Week 4 and Weekly Wrap (6/25-7/1)

Week 4 of marathon training is in the books. It was a good week and ended with a good amount of June miles, 157. IMG_4818Here’s what last week looked like from Coach Dawn’s plan:IMG_4683Monday – Plan: Easy 4 + core.
Actual: Ran an easy 4 miles and did some core work afterwards.IMG_4698Tuesday- Plan: 5 miles.
5 x 15-20 second strides after 2 miles
Stop and do light stretch and a few drills before the strides.

Actual: Ran a nice 5 miles and did the strides and drills as planned.IMG_4728Wednesday – Plan: Easy 5.
Actual: Ran the easy 5 miles.IMG_4750Thursday – Plan: 15 minutes easy
then 4 x 5 minutes at around 7:30 pace w/3 min. easy in between.
15 minutes easy.

Strength training:

Actual: It was hard but pushed through and my paces were good. I also did the strength training afterwards.IMG_4774Friday – Plan: 30 minutes recovery pace.
Actual: Had a good 30 min recovery run.IMG_4814Saturday – Plan: 2 miles easy
10 miles- 8:45-9 w/ a few surges- pick up pace for around 30 seconds. Just mix it in throughout. 
1 mile easy
Last mile- if you feel good, pick it up to 8:25-35
Actual: Had to run this with glasses on because my right eyelid was swollen from something and was told not to wear my contacts. It wasn’t too bad. The run went well and I felt pretty good…way better than last week’s long run.

Sunday –  Plan: Rest day.
Actual: Rest day.

Total miles = 38.34 miles. It was a good week. I was happy to have a great long run compared to last week. I’m looking forward to a cut back week this week.

As for highlights of the rest of the week:IMG_8040 2On Tuesday, hubby and I celebrated our 14th Anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been that long already. We ended up going to sushi for dinner.IMG_7087The kiddos ended their Frog lessons. They’ll be on to Goldfish next. They are really into swimming right now and we even went on Saturday. Happy they are enjoying it.

That pretty much wraps up my week. How’d your week go? Any races coming up?

I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and Wendy of Taking the Long Way Home  for the Weekly Wrap.

10 thoughts on “Tunnel Light Marathon Training – Week 4 and Weekly Wrap (6/25-7/1)

  1. I don’t know if I could run with my glasses. They are so strong and when I’m sweating, they slide down my nose and give me a headache. Yep, myopia runner problems…lol


  2. What a great week! Wendy and everyone else with glasses, you can get running glasses with rubbery nose grips, they’re great. I have varifocals and mine have more long-distance but a bit of reading area so I can see my watch. They’re secure and don’t bounce or rub: just excellent.


  3. Nice week of training! How did you keep your glasses from fogging up and sliding around? I wear contacts but I needed a C-section with our middle son and they wouldn’t let me wear my contacts. I bought new glasses then so I could see my baby. I still wear the same pair occasionally 20 years later. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for linking.


    1. Thanks Holly! I’m glad they didn’t fog up but the did slide around a little so I did spend some time pushing them up every now and then. It was annoying but you gotta do what you gotta do, right? 🙂


  4. What a nice week you had! I also wear glasses and they are annoying.. but can’t live without them (or see, lol). I appreciate that comment about getting running glasses with rubbery nose grips. Sounds like a good idea!


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