Vernonia Marathon Training Week 11 and Weekly Wrap (1/30-2/5)

Week 11 of marathon training was a big week! I ran my highest weekly mileage ever of 49.61 miles! Things seem to be going well still. I’m excited for my first race of the year, coming up this Saturday, the Chocolatathon 10k. Hopefully it’s not rainy. But the Vernonia Marathon is 63 days away. Here’s what I did from Coach Dawn’s plan:

Monday – Plan: 15 minute warm up with 3 x strides after 10 minutes
Workout- Ladder
Fast/recovery minutes.
Fast- don’t worry about watch- just run these at a hard pace.
Recovery- = to the time of the interval.
1 min- 2 min- 3 min- 2 min- 1 min- 2 min – 3 min
10-15 minute cool down.

Actual: This was a fun one. It was my first time running a ladder workout. Ran it as the plan said. My intervals ranged from 7:00-7:47. I think it went pretty good. I just set my watch for the timing. By the end I was expecting to do another interval but then it was cool down time. 🙂001-3Tuesday – Plan: Easy pace, 4-6 miles , 5 min core.

Actual: Ran 5.1 miles with average pace 9:27 and did some core work. 001Wednesday – Plan: 5 miles at 8:50-9 with 4 x strides.

Actual: Ran a nice 5 miles and got the strides done. Also, did some drills afterwards.001Thursday – Plan: 2 miles easy
5 miles- Pace can range from 8:15-8:45
2-3 miles easy
You can break it up how you want.. maybe do it as a progression.. or if you want, a couple miles at faster end of range, and then go easier.. It’s up to you.. just stay within that pace range as much as possible.

Actual: I usually sleep in a little on Thursdays since it’s my day off and run once the kids have gone to school but I had to run early since the kids had no school. I didn’t want to run this on the dreadmill, lol. Ran 2 miles easy and then the 5 mile paces were: 8:32, 8:28, 8:20, 8:20, 8:21. Happy to be in the range. Then ran 2.25 miles easy. Average pace for the 9.25 miles was 8:51.001-1Friday – Plan: 6-7 miles at recovery pace.

Actual: The kids had no school again so I ran 6 recovery miles on the treadmill, average pace 9:41.img_1220Saturday – Plan: 18 miles
First 10 easy and comfortable, then aim for 8:50-9ish for remaining of the run.
No faster than 8:45.
If all of its comfortable at that pace, then that’s fine… then you can finish 8:45ish.

Actual: I ran the first 10 at an easy and comfortable pace which ranged from 9:38-9:03. Miles 11-16 ranged from 8:54-8:49. I didn’t expect to go fast on mile 17 but I ran an average pace of 8:44 and then mile 18 was 8:42. I felt pretty good throughout the run. I took UCAN before my run and around mile 9. Also, hydrated with nuun every two miles or so.001-2Sunday – Plan: Rest day.
Actual: Rest day.

Total miles = 49.61 miles. The most miles I’ve ran in a week ever! I’m pretty happy I’m able to run that much and I’m feeling fine as I type this…so thankful! I’m excited for my race on Saturday. I’ll be running a 10k at the Chocolatathon in Cook Park, OR. I’ve never ran this one, so it should be fun. There will be a chocolate bar at the end. I’m not sure how much I’ll indulge in that but sounds good. 🙂

As for the rest of the week, I received the Lumo Run to test out. img_1166It’s a pretty cool gadget that tracks five biomechanics metrics – Cadence, bounce, braking, pelvic drop, and rotation.
Here’s one of my latest runs. I still have lots to work on.fullsizerenderIf you’re interested in this nifty gadget, I have a discount code for $10 off, use SMI10 on their website HERE.

Another cool thing that happened last week was that I found out I’m an Ambassador for Simple Hydration once again. Love the Simple Hydration bottle! Check out my review HERE.simplehydration2017

How’d your week go? Any races coming up?

I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.WeeklyWrap

10 thoughts on “Vernonia Marathon Training Week 11 and Weekly Wrap (1/30-2/5)

  1. Congrats on making it through a big training week! Some of those workouts sound fun. I’ve not heard of the marathon you’re running but it sounds like you’re going to be very ready for it!


    1. It is a pretty cool gadget! I think it’s helping since it coaches me and gives me exercises to work on my problem areas. The cadence seems accurate since it gives the same number from my Garmin, but I’m not sure about the rest.


  2. Your workout on Monday does sound fun! I like to change things up and do runs like this.
    Wow knocking on 50 miles this week’s door is major! My goal is to run just over 70 in a whole month to keep up with my yearly goal!
    Oh your chocolatathon sounds wonderful heck the chocolate at the end would be why I signed up!
    Have a good week!


  3. Congrats on your very impressive highest mileage week ever! The Chocolathon is going to be one sweet race! LOL. The Lumo Run information is really cool. Where do you put the sensor? Or does it go in different places depending on the statistic you want? Thanks for linking, Sherry!


    1. Thanks Holly! Haha, love what you did there! The Lumo Run sensor has a clip that goes on the back of my waist, where I put it in line with my spine. It measures all statistics from there, not sure how but it’s neat. 🙂 Thanks for having the link up!


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