Five Tunes that Inspire – Spreading #AwareWithPink

Happy Friday! The Chicago Marathon is a few days away and I’m so excited! I’ll be wearing my AfterShokz headphones, that I LOVE to help me since I love running with tunes. I wrote a little about them before here. I’ve checked my running playlist and am sharing five tunes that inspire and motivate me.

  1. Try Everything by Shakira.
    This was from the movie, Zootopia. I remember watching the movie with my kids thinking it was an uplifting and motivating song. With lyrics like, “I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
    Till I reach the end and then I’ll start again” it’s great and has a catchy chorus.
  2. Fight Song by Rachel Platten. 
    Such a strong song.
  3. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. 
    A classic. Don’t stop believing!
  4. Good Feeling by Flo Rida.
    Great pick me up song.
  5. Best Day Of My Life by American Authors. 
    Great upbeat song.

These songs help keep me going when I run. What songs inspire/motivate you?

I also wanted to spread the news about #AwareWithPink. If you use the hashtag, #AwareWithPink on social media, AfterShokz will donate $0.25 to Bright Pink – a non profit that focuses on breast and ovarian cancer awareness and education. Also, AfterShokz has new PINK Trekz Titanium headphones that I would love to have. Love that these don’t budge and don’t fall out like my previous ear buds. For every unit sold through October 31st, 2016 on, AfterShokz will donate 25% of proceeds to Bright Pink.

Do you like listening to music when you run? Hope you have a great Friday!

I’m linking up with Eat Pray Run DCMar on the Run, and You Signed Up for What?! for their Friday Five Linkup.DC-Trifecta-Friday-Five-linkupDisclaimer: This post was sponsored by AfterShokz in an effort to spread awareness about their new Pink Trekz headphones, in partnership with Bright Pink to support and spread awareness around breast cancer awareness. All opinions and words are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community. 

6 thoughts on “Five Tunes that Inspire – Spreading #AwareWithPink

  1. I love all these songs! I’d add “The Greatest” by Sia to this list as well. It’s new but it’s on every one of my lists right now!


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