Chicago Marathon Training Week 17 and Weekly Wrap (9/26-10/2)

The Chicago Marathon is almost here! Wow, just one week left until the big day! I’m pretty excited and nervous. Last week went okay. I managed to catch something and ended up with a nasty cough on Tuesday. But I still got my workouts done. I’m hoping whatever it is, is gone by the time I leave for Chicago. Here’s what I did last week from Coach Dawn’s plan:

Monday: Plan-Easy 3-4 miles or time range around 30-40 minutes. Heart rate below 142. I ran an easy 3.51 miles and average heart rate was 132.Tuesday: Plan-10 minutes easy
10 minutes at around 8:15-20 pace then 2 minutes easy
5 minutes at 7:47-8:02 pace
2 minutes easy
2 x 30 seconds fast with 2 minute recoveries.  It was hard getting up and this was when I woke up with a nasty cough. But I got the workout done. My 10 min fast average paces were: 8:15 and 8:13. My 5 min average pace was 7:46.
Wednesday: Plan-Rest day. Had my rest day.

Thursday: Plan-Easy 40 minutes. Heart rate under 142. Ran an easy 40 minutes. My average heart rate was 134.Friday: Plan-Rest day. Walk in the park with the kids would be good- or any type of active recovery-cross train. I did do some walking in the neighborhood and played Pokemon Go. 🙂

Saturday: Plan-30 minute warm up at comfortable pace, then 30 minutes at marathon pace- aim for around 8:30-40s, then 20 minutes at around 8:20 pace and 10 minutes cool down. No calories on this run, just use water. I was still coughing a bit on this run. I ran the 30 minutes at marathon pace (8:38, 8:39, 8:38, 8:26) and then 20 minutes at 8:20, 8:19 avg paces. I just had water on this run.Sunday: Plan-Rest day. Had my rest day.

Total miles = 21.41 miles. I’d say it was a nice taper week. I’m really hoping my cough goes away…like NOW haha. As I was typing this I was hacking away :(. I think it’s getting better though. Just four more runs before the marathon. I’m still in the process of figuring out how I’ll be getting my 60g carbs/hr during the marathon. I’ll have gels and I got some nuun plus. I need to figure out how I’ll carry the extra tabs and maybe use two bottles. But there’s also Gatorade Endurance at the aid stations which I might use when I run out of my initial nuun…decisions…decisions.

Anyways, on to the rest of the week. My youngest turned six years old on Thursday. Time is flying by… and it’s hard to believe he’s six.img_0280Poke balls are pretty cool with Pikachu. 🙂img_0270

We celebrated more on Saturday and went to John’s Incredible Pizza for some fun.

How was your week? Any races coming up? I’m looking forward to the Chicago Marathon!

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13 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 17 and Weekly Wrap (9/26-10/2)

  1. I have loved following your marathon journey and I can’t believe Chicago Marathon week it here! You have put in all the miles and hard work and I know you will have a blast!


  2. I’ve used Gatorade Endurance for years (until recently adding Tailwind). I was happy to see it would be served on course! I hope that cough will be gone soon. I only have 3 runs left! Hope we can figure out a way to meet. I’ll probably go to the expo Friday afternoon and spend Saturday sight seeing. You can always direct message me on I/G! Happy Birthday to the youngest. Thanks for linking, Sherry!


  3. I am so impressed with your low hr and running! Holly has had me really targeting HR and it is no easy task! I almost have to walk quite a bit to keep it low. So I know you’ve been working on this! I can’t even believe this week his here! I’m so dang excited for all of you who are running Chicago! Good luck to you!


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