Chicago Marathon Training Week 8 and Weekly Wrap (7/25-7/31)

It was a fun week in Cali! Spending time with family at Disneyland/California Adventure was the highlight of the week! I did get some running in with my sis for week 8 of Chicago Marathon training. Here’s what I did:

Monday – Rest day after the 14 miler on Sunday.

Tuesday – Ran a comfortable early morning run, 30 mins with my sister before heading to Disneyland California Adventure.

Wednesday – Ran 10 min warm up with a few strides, then 15-25 minutes of pick ups and recoveries, then 10 min cool down. Got 4.5 miles in before going to Disneyland.Thursday – Rest day. Spent the day at Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure.

Friday – Night run. 30 min comfortable with strides. Saturday – Rest Day. Spent most of the day in the car heading home.

Sunday – Had to work and didn’t get a run in. Felt sleep was more important. 🙂

Total miles = 10.75 miles. Oh wells. Not very many miles for the week. Good thing it was a recovery week. I did get a lot of walking done at the Disney parks though. That counts too right? 🙂

I did end the month with 111.7 miles. Always happy to run over 100 miles in a month! As to the highlights, it was great spending time with family. We drove down with my sister’s family and met my brother’s family as well as my in-laws down there. The kiddos had a blast and it was great that they could enjoy it with their cousins! Here are some pics:

It was cool watching the kiddos do the Jedi Training. They put on a great show! Speaking of shows, we also watched Frozen which was pretty cool too! It was interesting how they made it into a live show. We also had a little bit of a scare when we road the Star Wars Hyperspace ride which used to be the Space Mountain ride. We were about to begin the ride but instead of going right on the track, we went left which led us off track. We had to unload and they eventually gave us fast passes for when it opened up again. We ended up riding it later in the day. There was so much to do and see at Disneyland/California Adventure! It was great! On the last day we watched the Paint the Night Parade and fireworks show. I really enjoyed the fireworks show and how they incorporate it with music! It was such a fun week!

How’d your week go? I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.WeeklyWrap

15 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 8 and Weekly Wrap (7/25-7/31)

  1. I am a big believer that sleep is important. I’ve been running so much that I get 9-10 hours of sleep most days. I go back to work in 3 weeks so we’ll see how that goes since I need to be up at 6am.

    I ran 186 miles in July which is high for me. I’ve never ran that much in a month. Let’s see how it goes in August.


  2. Your vacation looks like tons of fun! We went to Disney World back in January and it was a blast! Congrats on over 100 miles for July and for getting in some workouts while on vacation. 🙂


  3. Congrats on that July mileage! It sounds like you had a blast at Disneyland/California Adventure. I have always loved theme parks. I was a Six Flags junkie as a kid. 🙂 Your recovery week came at the perfect time. I know you’ve been working hard — so it’s well deserved too. Thanks for linking, Sherry!


  4. What?!?! No more Space Mountain?! I did not know that. It used to be my favorite ride. So, first of all, YES..all those miles around the park do indeed count. You should have tracked your miles – I bet there were many. That’s so wonderful that you guys got to hang out together at the Happiest Place on Earth making great cousin memories. Wonderful job on your July mileage!!!


  5. We got to Disney World in FL during Thanksgiving and I have yet to run while there during this time because I think I get enough walking in the parks. If I’m still working on my runstreak I just might do it!
    How fun you and your sister and the family all got to enjoy being together! Great job on over 100 miles for July too!


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