Chicago Marathon Training Week 3 and Weekly Wrap (6/20-6/26)

Chicago Marathon training week 3 is in the books. So far things are going well and I even felt good after my longest run of the year so far! I’m really liking having a running coach! It’s nice to have Coach Dawn keeping me accountable and posting workouts for me. It’s cool getting different workouts to do like a Fartlek and Uptempo progression run. Here’s what I did last week:

  • Monday – Ran 3.01 miles
  • Tuesday – Fartlek workout. Warm up 10 min. Then 6 x 30 sec 7:36-7:54 pace with recovery in between. 10 min cool down. That ended up being 3.35 miles.
  • Wednesday – Easy 4.01 miles.
  • Thursday – Uptempo progression run. 15 min warm up then 1 mile at marathon pace (8:46-8:58), then 1 mile uptempo (8:09-8:32), then cool down 15 minutes. The result was 5.19 miles.
  • Friday – 1.01 miles to continue the RWRunStreak.
  • Saturday – Easy long run (2:10-2:20) with 2 miles at marathon pace (8:46-8:58). Ran 14.01 miles.
  • Sunday – 1.01 miles to continue the RWRunStreak.

Total Miles = 31.59 miles. That’s a good amount of miles for the week for me. I know that number will keep climbing as marathon training progresses. Also, there’s only one more week left of the Runner’s World Run Streak. It will be nice to finish another Runner’s World run streak. Haha, I won’t be continuing because I like my rest days even if it’s not bad running just a mile. I give props to those who keep going!

The highlights of the week included watching Finding Dory. It was funny.


Also, my five year old moved up and got his Little Warrior’s brown belt. Woohoo! image

How’d your week go? Have you participated in a run streak?

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6 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 3 and Weekly Wrap (6/20-6/26)

  1. That’s so cool that you do the run streak every year. I have never tried one. Your marathon training is off to such a great start. You are going to do so great in Chicago. I bet you are getting excited AND you already know what it’s like to run a marathon since you’re all experienced now!! Congrats to your little one and his Little Warrior brown belt! He is so darn cute!!


  2. Nice week Sherry! Great mileage too! We haven’t seen Finding Dory yet, but the kiddos want to. Hope to see it sometime soon! Yay to Josh for getting is little warrior brown belt!


  3. Wow! You are running 14 miles for your long run already? I haven’t even started my training cycle for Chicago. Both of my “kids” have seen Finding Dory without me. I guess I’ll have to get my husband to take me. Ha! Congrats on keeping up with the running streak. Thanks for linking with us Sherry!


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