Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon Training Workouts Recap & Weekly Wrap (5/30-6/5)

imageI ended the month of May with running 108 miles. It’s always great to break 100 miles in a month. With marathon training coming soon, I hope to continue adding the miles. But first the Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon is just two weeks away. I won’t be racing this one since a friend asked if I could be a part of her MyTeam Triumph organization that helps disabled individuals participate in races. It should be a fun one!

I’m still doing the Summer Runner’s World Run Streak which started on Memorial Day (5/30) and goes until July 4th. I’ll be running at least a mile each day. 🙂 Here’s what I did last week:

  • Monday – Started the Runner’s World Run Streak with 3.01 miles.
  • Tuesday – Hubby and I did P90X3’s The Warrior workout and then I ran 2.01 miles.
  • Wednesday – Ran 6.51 miles on #GlobalRunningDay.
  • Thursday – Ran a fast 5.01 miles.
  • Friday – Ran an easy 3.01 miles.
  • Saturday – I only managed 10.67 miles. I was planning on doing 11 miles but it was hot out and I lost the mental battle.
  • Sunday – Ran 1.01 miles to continue the #RWRunSteak, day 7.

Total Miles = 31.23 miles.

Wow! I did not realize I ran that many miles until I did the math lol. That’s a lot of miles for me in a week. I’d say I had a great training week.

The weekend was fun too. On Saturday we decided to go to the coast since it was going to be 98 deg F at the house. We don’t have central air so it was a perfect day to head to the beach where it was cooler. It was about 78 deg F and I thought felt good. We decided to eat lunch first and went to Tom’s Fish & Chips.imageThe kiddos were given a hat.imageI thought the fish and chips were good.imageWe also got dessert at Osburns Ice Creamery. We all enjoyed the ice cream. imageHere are the pics from Cannon Beach:image8 yr old wanted to make a big hole.image

imageHere’s a nice castle created by 8 yr old.imageI had to get a jumping pic. My 5 yr old can jump. 🙂imageI loved going to the beach. It’s nice when the drive’s just a little over an hour away. It was a perfect way to spend the day. How’d your week go? Here’s to a great week ahead! I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.WeeklyWrap

19 thoughts on “Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon Training Workouts Recap & Weekly Wrap (5/30-6/5)

  1. YES, he certainly can jump! You both can! Looks like a great day at the beach. You really did crank out those miles last month and last week. That’s awesome. We will be heading out to WA next weekend but we’ll be in Mukilteo until the night before the race. Looking forward to running Seattle again.


  2. Great job on your workouts this week! I look forward to hearing about the race with your friend. We have a similar organization here called Ainsley’s Angels. You may remember my mom and I did a 5K with an assisted athlete last November. It was an unforgettable experience! I love the beach pictures! Your boys look like they had a blast!


  3. I am doing the RWRunstreak too but It was such a challenge this morning. I am still sore from a lower body workout on Wednesday. I got in my Thursday run early before DOMS set in but they were in full force last night which made it really tough this morning! At least the streak lives on, right?


  4. You ran a lot of miles this week! That looks like a great trip to the beach. You are lucky to be that close. I can’t believe how hot it is already. Participating with MyTeam Triumph will be a wonderful and memorable experience. Thanks for linking with us Sherry!


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