Five Things To Love About Sun Basket

I was given the opportunity to try out Sun Basket, a meal kit delivery service, in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own. I had never tried a meal delivery service before and I thought what a perfect time to try one out. I picked out three meals from their weekly menu. The selection wasn’t really big but I liked how you could click on the different categories which told if the meals were Paleo, Vegetarian, or Gluten-Free. The recipes change weekly so that’s great.

I was excited to see the big Sun Basket box when it came.

The food comes in a well insulated box. They say it stays fresh for 8 hrs in the box after delivery.Below the brown bags were the meat and seafood:






I like how they recycle their materials and you can return the box free of charge with all the packing materials so they can reuse it.

The first meal I tried was the Sesame-Crusted Salmon with Roasted Carrot and Orange Salad. It’s nice how their recipe cards give a great breakdown of prep time, cook time, and calories per serving. It says it takes 30 min but it took me a little longer. I don’t consider myself an experienced cook so your mileage may vary.
It was surprising to see all the ingredients in little baggies or containers. It sure made it easier to organize and make the meal since everything was pre measured.






I thought the salmon turned out great and everything tasted good. The hubby approved and said it was his favorite meal out of the three.

The other meals I made were:

Braised Chicken and Mushrooms with Roasted Lemon and Cauliflower. It tasted good but wasn’t my favorite.Pork Loin with Sautéed Apples and Roasted Sweet Ppotato. I liked this one! 

I was pleasantly surprised with Sun Basket. Here are five things I love about Sun Basket:

  1. Healthy. Organic, fresh farm ingredients are used. Grass-fed, antibiotic-free pastured meats & sustainable seafood are from trusted ranchers and fishermen. It is the kind of food that you feel good about eating.
  2. Convenient. It takes the work out of meal planning and preparation. Everything is delivered to my door. I’m not great with meal planning so this is really great for me. It’s a great time saver. Nice for those that are busy and don’t want to head to the grocery store.
  3. Easy to make. The recipe cards are easy to follow and with the pre measured ingredients, I got a delicious meal made in about 30 minutes. I don’t consider myself a great chef so it was nice to make restaurant type meals.
  4. Exposed me to new meals. I don’t usually make fancy meals like the meals offered and I really like the flavors I was exposed to. The recipes are created by Chef Justine Kelly, the former head chef of the James Beard award–winning The Slanted Door restaurant.
  5. Great portion sizes. I thought the recipes for two were just the right amount. Each recipe has 500-800 calories per serving.

I’m glad I tried Sun Basket. I think it’s a great healthy meal kit service. It is a bit pricey though. It is nice that the ingredients are Organic and Non-GMO. You can choose 3 recipes for 2, 4, or 6 people at $11.49 per meal. I think they are delicious meals that definitely will give me the energy and nutrients needed for my active life. For more info, go here and get $30 off your Sun Basket order! Organic ingredients from the best West Coast farms and easy, healthy recipes delivered weekly.

Have you tried a meal delivery service?

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20 thoughts on “Five Things To Love About Sun Basket

  1. I’ve done Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, which were both good but meal prep took longer than I have most evenings. I like that Sun Basket is organic. That’s a nice aded feature.


  2. Wow I love the packaging. It looks so pretty but with all these meal prep companies they are all a little too pricey for me. I do like the idea that they get you out of your comfort zone as far as cooking, but again for me its the price that holds me back


  3. I haven’t tried a meal service but it sounds like a great way to be exposed to new meals. I like that it is convenient and that everything is pre-measured. Only thing that keeps me away is price. Might give one a try if the price is more reasonable. Thanks for the review!


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