Last Week’s Workouts Recap and Weekly Wrap (12/28-1/3)

Last week marked the end of the year and the end of the #RWRunStreak. I completed the run streak, woohoo! I ran at least a mile every day starting on Thanksgiving to New Year’s, which was 37 days. I didn’t get any cross training in but I’m planning to change that starting Monday. Here’s what I did last week:

Monday – Ran a mile on the treadmill to continue the run streak.Tuesday – I felt like running outside and ran 3 rainy morning miles.Wednesday – I didn’t wake up early enough to run outside since the kiddos were home and ran 3 miles on the treadmill before driving up North of Seattle.Thursday – Ran 4 miles on the trail by my parent’s place.Friday – 2 miles to start the New Year.Saturday – Ran a nice 10 miles.

Sunday – Rest Dayimg_1938I ended up running 97 miles in December and 1312 miles for the whole year! It’s a little hard for me to believe I ran that much since I ran 600 more miles than last year! It’s the most miles I’ve ever ran in a year. I’m pretty happy with how my year went. Hopefully 2016 goes just as well or better!

Last week was a fun week. On Wednesday, I headed to my parent’s place, north of Seattle and the kiddos had fun with their cousins. On New Year’s Eve, my youngest stayed up to ring in the new year. My 7 year old was on the couch asleep, but wasn’t for long lol.We have the tradition of making noise and jumping up and down so they grow taller during the year. My little guy had fun jumping up and down and using the top of a pot and wooden spoon to make noise. We had some fun playing Monopoly Empire and watching the old episodes of Star Wars on New Year’s Day. I actually won the first game of Monopoly. 🙂
We also visited a good friend who just had a cute baby boy. They showed us their neat hairy cows, called Scottish Highland cows. I’ve never seen these type of cows before and thought they were interesting. I had to go back to work on Sunday so we headed back home on Saturday afternoon. I was surprised to see snow on the ground Sunday morning. I went to work while the kiddos had some fun playing outside with hubby. Well, that’s my weekly wrap. How’d your week go? Have you seen snow yet?

I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.WeeklyWrap

14 thoughts on “Last Week’s Workouts Recap and Weekly Wrap (12/28-1/3)

  1. No snow yet!!
    Wow, look at your awesome mileage for the year 🙂 That is impressive and it great you made such a big gain from the year before. Gives me hope for 2016!
    Those cows are very interesting looking lol really cute.


  2. Congratulations on completing your run streak and your awesome mileage for 2015. 600 more miles is an incredible accomplishment! I can remember banging on pots and pans when we were little for New Years. I have never seen a hairy cow. How cool is that! I have not been in the snow since March 2014. Wow. I think I need a snow skiing trip. We do get snow here every few years too. Thanks for linking with us Sherry and Happy New Year!


  3. Great job on your run streak! You had an awesome year of running and all those miles, wow! Looks like you had fun at Mom and Dad’s place. So cool you got to see baby O! He’s a cutie! The cows look cool too!


  4. Yay that is great on your miles in 2015! Wow that’s a little over 3.5 miles a day!!! Did you do any more run streaks besides this last one? I didn’t think I could do a streak but really if I take it easy it’s not enough to be too hard on me plus it would keep me in a habit of getting my heart rate up so we’ll see.


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