Last Week’s Workouts Recap and Weekly Wrap (12/21-12/27)

Christmas week seemed to go by fast. It was a fun and busy week. I ran at least a mile each day for the Runner’s World Run Streak. Sunday marked day 32, so five more days left. 🙂 Here’s what I did last week:

Monday – Ran 3 morning rainy miles. Tuesday – Ran a mile to continue the run streak.Wednesday – Worked out with the hubby, which was nice. It’s been a while since we worked out together. 21 Day Fix Extreme – The Fix Challenge was a tough but good one!  I also ran a mile to continue the run streak.  

Thursday – Ran a nice 4 miles.Friday – Ran a Christmas mile for day 30 of the #RWRunStreak.  Saturday – Ran 3 miles.

Sunday – Ran 1o miles. It was nice to have the day off and get a good long run in, since I usually work Sundays.

I ran 23 miles last week. So I think it was a pretty good week. Wednesday, Christmas Eve was when all the fun began. I took the day off since we had family coming later in the day. We went and saw an early showing of Star Wars, The Force Awakens. It was awesome!

On Christmas Day, the kiddos were up early and excited to see what Santa brought them.

They enjoyed playing with their gifts. The play doh from Grandma and Grandpa was great. My youngest made the two minions in the middle, which I thought was pretty good.

We played Star Wars Monopoly. It was beginner’s luck for my 5 year old since he won.

The day after Christmas, my in-laws wanted to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens so we saw it again.

We also braved the mall and went shopping.

Today we went to the Factory Outlet Stores, where the kiddos always enjoy the tree house they have there.My kiddos are so into Star Wars right now.

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Well, hope you had a Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!
How’d your week go? Are you a Star Wars fan? Any plans New Year’s? Have a Happy New Year!

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12 thoughts on “Last Week’s Workouts Recap and Weekly Wrap (12/21-12/27)

  1. The trail you ran on Thursday looks wonderful. It reminds me of an area we ran in Portland. That’s so nice that you and your husband workout together. Makes it way more fun. Great job on the run streak! Your boys are adorable and I love the Christmas pics. Play Doh is so much fun. My grandson and I play almost every week. We use all my cookie cutters to make our creations. The only Star Wars movie I’ve even seen is the very first one…way back in the day! Enjoy your New Year’s celebration Sherry!! I wish you and your family a super wonderful 2016!!!


    1. Thanks Diane! It is great when we get to work out together! It would be nice if we could do it more often, but now that I work, it’s tougher. Play Doh rocks! 🙂 I wish you and your a family a Happy New Year!


  2. Woop on the run streak! Is it just until 12/31 or will you try to continue? How nice your hubs worked out with you. I did get my hubs out for a hike while we were away for Christmas, although I’m not sure I’ll get him back out there since he is really feeling it today! But I loved him being out there with me, I just couldn’t talk him into riding his bike with me for my 12 running miles.Oh well I took what I could get. The kids look like they had a wonderful Christmas! Don’t blink because they will be like mine, almost grown! Enjoy it while you can! See ya in 2016!


    1. Thanks Tricia! I don’t think I’ll continue the run streak lol. It is always great to work out with the hubby. Yeah, I’d take what I can get. The kiddos seem to be growing fast. I can’t believe how big my 7 yr old is already. Enjoy your week and have a Happy New Year!

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  3. Great job on your streak! Josh did great with the minion play doh! Star was is an awesome movie and I’d watch it twice too if someone else wanted to see it! 🙂


  4. It was definitely a Star Wars Christmas at our house, any my two youngest kids are teens. We saw Star Wars Christmas night (the 2nd time for my kids) and I enjoyed the movie very much! I’m in awe of your 32 days of streaking. And 23 miles is a great week! Your kids made some impressive Play Doh art. I know you had a great time with them at that perfect Santa age. Thanks for linking, Sherry and have a Happy New Year.


  5. Awesome job with your workouts!!

    It is so hard for me to workout with my hubby :(-he has a hard time letting me give him support or instructions. His form is usually soooo bad-lol!

    The play dou minions look awesome!!

    We are not into Star Wars but I think we will go see the movies soon.

    New Year’s eve, my sister hosts a game night and we bring in the New Year. New Year’s is my bday ;)-i celebrate with a NYD 5k race. Not sure yet what I will do for the rest of the day.

    Happy New Year!


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